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Oh! My Blackbird encourages a young woman to plot revenge on all her exes with creepy delightful smile

a1499644499_10Violet by Oh! My Blackbird   (New York, New York) *

Oh my, I say. Blackbird. It just so happens I’ve been listening to you for about a week now and I feel ANGRY! yet completely elated at the same time. ::sigh:: It’s a jumble fuck of emotions and totally worth it. Oh! (don’t forget the exclamation point) My Black Bird brings out the bitter ex girlfriend that I am, and then wraps me up so gently with a warm blanket of pretty vocal tones and harmonies. To get a really good understanding of this band check out their sweet music video posted on their tumblr:

Also, in visiting their tumblr you can see where a lot of Anna Sullivans (main vocalist) writing style has been inspired by with music videos from bands like Hole and Cat Power-as well as a great variety of drawings and gifs. Enjoy yourself, I know I did. Grrrr!!!!! Weee!!! @SophieSputnik

TONIGHT! MCFK GET DOWN #12 (Free & Easy)

Tonight marks the twelfth Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Get Down- a series of shows and parties featuring bands exclusively from the label.  That being said, Dingus and The Snake could not be happier to be involved in the planning.  This time, the group is showcasing The Harmonica Lewinskies (who are always a riot), The Graveyard Kids (who have put out one of the most satisfying releases on the label), Oh! My Blackbird (a long time Dingus favorite) and Newport Reds (at the experimental liberties of Mark Fletcher).  We’re proud to host it at one of Brooklyn’s newest, and if I do say so myself, finest DIY establishments, Muchmore’s (on the corner of N.9th and Havemeyer) and are looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces fully recovered from this devastating storm. [Facebook Event] @Dingusonmusic

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 2

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 2 by Various Artists   (New York, New York) *

Two compilations in one day?! Yes, and to put it up next to my own you know I damn well love this one too.  Possibly my favorite DIY label/studio in the game right now is Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, run by Ghost Pal frontman and all around intellectual, Oliver Ignatius (a man who conjures up mythical associations).  The studio culture has spawned a family willing to stake their loyalty in blood.  It’s a fucking hard thing to do:  run a studio, pay the bills and somehow not take one miserable job just for the cash flow.  There hasn’t been a flop yet and Section 2 proves it.  I hope I’ll be arranging Mama Coco’s concerts until the day I die- hashtag stories to tell my grandkids.  [Free Download]  @Dingusonmusic

Dare Me (Best New Music)

Dare Me by Oh! My Blackbird    (March 20, 2012) *

With an honest mastery of complex chord structures, the first Oh! My Blackbird full length, Dare Me, takes the groups signature style to new levels of polished beauty.  The album is filled with perfectly pitched harmonies and lyrical lines that combat the surrounding space for sanity.  If there was ever a band with something to say, OMB is it.  Their unequivocal ability to emote their most potent memories and aspirations sets them apart, sets them as shining beacons in the DIY community.  Ultimately, the album takes a somber, reflective moment; putting life into perspective, at least, for the artist.

Dare Me

Dare Me by Oh! My Blackbird   (March 20, 2012) *

In my days of writing Dingus, Oh! My Blackbird is easily one of the sweetest, most charming acts I’ve run into.  Now, with a new full length on the way titled, Dare Me, we’ve been blessed with ‘No Exit’ in preview.  Blackbird truly leaves us with a cliffhanger, a song that feels like it was literally written as a trailer.  Besides the song’s impeccable placement, the actual audio qualities are quite beautiful as well.  Taking full advantage of one of their biggest strengths, these New Yorkers make their angelic harmonies seem effortless.  They remain tight with one another, while dynamically unfolding in intricate contemporary patterns.  Check back in on March 20 for the full album release and review.


Soulbound V.3

Soulbound Volume Three by Various Artists   (October 31, 2011)

We present to you, the October installment of Soulbound.  The third volume of our compilation series features new music from Basic Printer, Oh! My Blackbird and Harvey Eyeballs along with a few releases from netlabel, Cut.  As always, it’s free for your downloading pleasure.  Enjoy the newcomers and get a taste of what we’re all about.

Dingus, Big Boss, Solidus, Dandlions, Yvonne & Honey Baby

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Section: 1 (Best New Music)

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Section: 1 by Various Artists   (October 7, 2011)

Fuck, I knew I forgot something:  Four days ago, the first compilation from local diy recording studio Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen came out and boy oh boy is it great.  And I mean really, how much more to we need to suck Oliver Ignatius’ dick before you go listen?  Do yourself a favor.

Big Boss

Drop Dead EP

Drop Dead EP by Oh! My Blackbird   (October 1, 2011) *

Drop Dead brings a more frantic, abrasive OMB that almost feels like the bands emersion into an strangely loving coke habit.  With sharp vocal melodies carrying, as usual, this October release brings four songs that display growth, an important quality in a bands early career.  Fans will surely love; even those who may not breathe the acoustic air OMB ejects may be swayed to the light side.











We’re proud to announce our next show, Heat Wave, featuring TinVulva, The Great American Novel, Sitting Ducks, Oh! My Blackbird and Ghost Pal. (All bands worth searching Dingus for).  Details are on the events facebook page.  See you August 27th in Brooklyn.