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ALLONE EP {mysteryofdel}

ALLONE EP by mysteryofdel (NJ/LA) Somewhere in a NJ basement or a bedroom in Los Angeles, depending on when you first discover his music, Andrew D’Elia aka mysteryofdel can be found sitting in front of his laptop with a cup … Continue reading

2:1 EP {Long Faces}

2:1 EP by Long Faces   (New Jersey) It is my pleasure to re-introduce Long Faces to the Dingus community with a new EP and a full-length album in progress. My first reaction while listening to the opener ‘Closer‘ was mild … Continue reading

Single Release: Oxfords and Wingtips {Upset}

‘Oxfords and Wingtips’ by Upset (New Jersey) Ali Koehler has been the drummer for both Vivian Girls and Best Coast. Patty Schemel was the drummer for Hole. Apparently the two met over Twitter and, after bonding over Vivian Girls, decided … Continue reading

Wipe Out {Chimes}

‘Wipe Out’ by Chimes   (Bloomfield, New Jersey) Chimes are a band that frequent the Brooklyn DIY music scene. However, unlike some of their peers, they have the dream pop “thing” narrowed down perfectly. Its a critical blend of pop, … Continue reading

Single Release: Stop Making Yourself Miserable {Vasudeva}

‘Stop Making Yourself Miserable’ by Vasudeva   (New Jersey) I will always take the opportunity to show love to fellow New Jersey artists and bands and it is due time that I got around to a feature on Vasudeva. These cats … Continue reading

Single Release: One After Another {Philip & the Nasty}

‘One After Another’ by Philip & the Nasty   (Roselle Park, NJ)      Let’s get one thing straight: This is the grittiest, grimiest, loveliest, shittiest, and might I add realest thing you’ll hear today. Philip & the Nasty, a haggard … Continue reading

Single Release: Holy War {Charles Keith Sztyk}

‘Holy War’ by Charles Keith Sztyk   (Union, NJ)   Some bands and artists will always have a home here at Dingus. We have featured the work of Charles Keith Sztyk a few times in the past and as more and … Continue reading

Single Release: Smile, It Makes This Easier {Fire Is Motion}

‘Smile, It Makes This Easier’ by Fire Is Motion   (Union, NJ)   This single was independently released in the very beginning of 2011, however, music is timeless and it’s never too late to give credit where it is due. Adrian … Continue reading

Better Today, Forgetting Tomorrow EP {Steve Kelly}

Better Today, Forgetting Tomorrow by Steve Kelly Presents   (NJ)*     After years of singing and songwriting in various different projects, Steve Kelly has graced us with his first solo effort, a mostly live and acoustic EP of honest and … Continue reading

Video Release: CHeCk yO mIND {b.FUNK}

‘CHeCk yO mIND’ by b.FUNK   (New Jersey) Some bands, when arranged well, have a vision that starts with music but continues to grow far beyond just one outlet of artistic expression. New Jersey’s hip-hop live band b.FUNK embody this mentality; … Continue reading

Vacant Admiral EP [Grey Visions]

Vacant Admiral EP by Grey Visions   (Newark, New Jersey)   Jack Phinney is back as Grey Visions while taking time between Jean Jackets sets to deliver the Vacant Admiral EP, another delicate acoustic album that relies on the clever … Continue reading

So Romantic

So Romantic by EZRAKH   (New Jersey)     Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the mans’ name. EZRAKH is the man and if you’ve been lucky enough to be in the room when he’s spinning, you know it’s always a … Continue reading

The Broadcaster EP

The Broadcaster EP by Charles Keith Sztyk   (Union, NJ)         Music Monday for me begins at home in New Jersey, both physically and musically. Fighting off a cold due to inconsistent Spring weather and sifting through music … Continue reading

Tunnel Buddies

Tunnel Buddies by GDP   (West Orange, NJ)     Some artists who remain persistent and creative throughout their independent careers can become underground champions. If there is any East Coast MC capable of this sort of success, it is GDP. … Continue reading


Polaroid by Matt Sztyk   (Sydney/New Jersey)     To best compliment the talents of New Jersey young music veteran Matt Sztyk, I would resort to quoting him directly from the hook in his ‘Polaroid‘ single and say, Matt, you make … Continue reading