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Single Release: Stop Making Yourself Miserable {Vasudeva}

a3228982190_10‘Stop Making Yourself Miserable’ by Vasudeva   (New Jersey)

I will always take the opportunity to show love to fellow New Jersey artists and bands and it is due time that I got around to a feature on Vasudeva. These cats are youthful and ambitious; their instrumental tracks are teeming with melody and drive, creating a sound that even the most average ears can relate and dance to. Making music accessible without vocals can be a challenge but it is clear that these guys believe in what they are doing and it is that honesty that really delivers the sound they have recently put down in the studio for their new record Life In Cycles. I chose to feature ‘Stop Making Yourself Miserable‘ both for its’ anti-pessimism stance and its’ chill melodic atmosphere. Dig on it for 5 minutes and 47 seconds and tell me you won’t grab the whole release. @thinknotsleep

Single Release: One After Another {Philip & the Nasty}

a1623508458_10‘One After Another’ by Philip & the Nasty   (Roselle Park, NJ)


Let’s get one thing straight: This is the grittiest, grimiest, loveliest, shittiest, and might I add realest thing you’ll hear today. Philip & the Nasty, a haggard crew compiled of NJ scene players and fronted by songwriter/singer Philip Carmine Nasty, has been a project shaped and re-shaped over the course of the last 4 years or so. With countless demos, drunken live shows, scrapped albums, and rotating members, this latest EP is just one moment in time that has been captured for us to enjoy. The songs sound like New Jersey; gritty and emotional and exaggerated with huge drum sounds, reverb and vocals you could imagine hearing in a bar down in Asbury Park at any given time from 1978 to present. Go ahead and check out the EP and expect more down the road, without expecting anything to stay exactly the same. @thinknotsleep

Single Release: Holy War {Charles Keith Sztyk}

a0514695365_10‘Holy War’ by Charles Keith Sztyk   (Union, NJ)


Some bands and artists will always have a home here at Dingus. We have featured the work of Charles Keith Sztyk a few times in the past and as more and more singles and EPs are released, I am always inspired to write a new piece to share with our community. Whether you love indie-folk music or r&b, or anything else for that matter, Charles has an honesty in his musical demeanor that speaks to everyone. As lighthearted as some of his material can be, this new single is certainly one of his more mature and reflective tracks and it has a depth to the mix that really delivers that sentiment. This is a song you should share on your Facebook and Twitter pages because friends don’t let friends listen to bad music. @thinknotsleep

Single Release: Smile, It Makes This Easier {Fire Is Motion}

a4125923060_10‘Smile, It Makes This Easier’ by Fire Is Motion   (Union, NJ)


This single was independently released in the very beginning of 2011, however, music is timeless and it’s never too late to give credit where it is due. Adrian Amador is the man behind Fire Is Motion, a solo acoustic project with just about every endearing quality of a good bedroom recording. His musical mark has been left on the tri-state area scene more so via Pilots In Orbit, a mathy, indie-rock group in which Amador plays guitar and sings back ups. This song acts as a perfect representation of his versatility and aptness to create and release various forms of music. This single has gone on to have a bit of an online following based on nothing other than its’ genuine presentation and sound. Take a listen, download it for free, and reminisce about why you fell in love with music before it was cool to do so. [Free Download] @thinknotsleep

Better Today, Forgetting Tomorrow EP {Steve Kelly}


Better Today, Forgetting Tomorrow by Steve Kelly Presents   (NJ)*


After years of singing and songwriting in various different projects, Steve Kelly has graced us with his first solo effort, a mostly live and acoustic EP of honest and original music. I chose to feature the full ep, however the track titled ‘Passin’ Out‘ is stand out because it is one that has always resonated with me personally. After seeing it live a number of times and witnessing Steves’ magnetic delivery and unique ability to emote his writing to just about any room, it has become a favorite. The song is a great representation of his style; folky in arrangement yet never staying too far on one side of a genre line and always youthful. It is progressive solo songwriters like this that keep pop music interesting and also likely go on to lead ground breaking bands. Pay what you want for this 4-song release and keep an eye out for tri-state area shows this Summer. @thinknotsleep

Video Release: CHeCk yO mIND {b.FUNK}

327011_10100139558271458_1260363813_o‘CHeCk yO mIND’ by b.FUNK   (New Jersey)

Some bands, when arranged well, have a vision that starts with music but continues to grow far beyond just one outlet of artistic expression. New Jersey’s hip-hop live band b.FUNK embody this mentality; intelligent funk with all the most progressive elements of modern hip-hop and a hustle that seems to (strangely) be a thing of the past in their scene. Their video for ‘CHeCk yO mIND‘ is a perfect representation of the band; fun, energetic and all-inclusive.  These qualities have made their fan base demographic very broad as well as made them not only college party legends but gotten them onto huge festivals like Toronto’s NXNE this June. Following this international tour, keep an eye out for future releases as we are told to expect mixtapes and EPs coming from both the band and frontman B.C. @thinknotsleep


Vacant Admiral EP [Grey Visions]

a2731981980_10Vacant Admiral EP by Grey Visions   (Newark, New Jersey)


Jack Phinney is back as Grey Visions while taking time between Jean Jackets sets to deliver the Vacant Admiral EP, another delicate acoustic album that relies on the clever layering of parts.  The ethereal capacity of the album is something that’s always been present in Phinney’s work- though it seems to come more fully into clarity with this release. [Free Download] @Dingusonmusic


So Romantic

413008_10150914225562692_1297326992_oSo Romantic by EZRAKH   (New Jersey)


Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the mans’ name. EZRAKH is the man and if you’ve been lucky enough to be in the room when he’s spinning, you know it’s always a vibe to bring the people together. Organic and eclectic in taste, mixes are likely to include anything from afrobeat to jazz to funk to hip hop to house. Part of the Brick Bandits crew out of NJ, EZRAKH has made his name known at every venue you can imagine including premier NYC/Brooklyn clubs to house parties and underground d.i.y holes in the wall. It is his deep collection and broad taste that allows him to chameleon into any scenario, all the while staying true to his form. Check him out on the scene and stream/download his current mixes on soundcloud. [Free Download] @thinknotsleep


The Broadcaster EP

2337280925-1The Broadcaster EP by Charles Keith Sztyk   (Union, NJ)


Music Monday for me begins at home in New Jersey, both physically and musically. Fighting off a cold due to inconsistent Spring weather and sifting through music to feature today brought me to one of my favorite songwriters, Charles Keith Sztyk. He has been featured here in the past but now with a full 4-song EP to push, more praise from the DIY Dingus council is only appropriate. Knowing the many sides of Charles makes me approach his recordings with a bias but also very open to where production can take his music in alternate directions. This EP is full of distorted lo-fi vocals and dirty guitar, where as I’m used to the angelic voice displayed at live shows. This is only more reason for fans to experience the music not only digitally but at their local venue too. The songs are dynamic and all have their own strengths, flowing from one to another and speaking for themselves with powerful lyrics, melody and performance. I guess that is easier to maintain when you record every instrument yourself as did Charlie. This is a dark yet uplifting batch of songs that a broad demographic can and will relate to but certainly an EP to be embraced by fans of M. Ward and other indie-folk modern icons. @thinknotsleep


Tunnel Buddies

705092_468199999890676_1765782939_oTunnel Buddies by GDP   (West Orange, NJ)


Some artists who remain persistent and creative throughout their independent careers can become underground champions. If there is any East Coast MC capable of this sort of success, it is GDP. Releasing album after album, mixtapes, instrumentals and even punk music, this dude has built his own career and developed a vision of his own independent of managers and suits. Following in the footsteps of other cult hip hop modern classics like MF Doom and Aesop Rock, his vulgar yet poetically insightful lyricism has gathered a ton of hype in circles that dig the Odd Future types but want even more substance. GDP is a suburban kid and critic of everything and that’s just what hip hop is looking for these days. @thinknotsleep