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The Illuminati Tapes {Crow Gang}

a1340443963_10The Illuminati Tapes by Crow Gang   (Montclair, New Jersey)

I’ll never stop loving whiny, no flow, trend chasing rappers spitting their “fire” at every one of the unlucky bud clients held captive in grand-mom’s basement.  Crow Gang, who have been releasing music since at least 2012, hit a key note of disrespectful grandiosity on their BandCamp LP The Illuminati Tapes, epitomized by the shame defying title track.  Oh and as if it needs to be said, they believe they’re the greatest rappers alive.  This plays like a tragic viral video: a pre-teen boy with indeterminate sexual preferences begging to know why he can’t find his place, tears under the sheets, his mascara smeared in pure absurd desperation.  Crow Gang, equally pathetic & deranged, are nearly at wit’s end as to why Kanye get’s to be on TV and they don’t.

Ripping everybody from Eminem to OFWG to Wayne and Nas, the authors of The Illuminati Tapes believe in this exclusive secret society and want in so bad, they don’t even want in no more. Funny thing is, their second track ‘Cuervo’ has a beat back track exotic enough, next enough, that you hope they don’t fuck it up by rapping on it. But of course they do, and like your 3rd grade friend who reads his Goosebumps book report aloud in class, cadence marching so treadless he’s talking blank after blank, you furrow a cringe so deep and involuntary, you stop doubting the speaker and start questioning Monster Blood. Just remind yourself that Crow Gang aren’t a shame to the game, because they’re not even really playing, then head to your parent’s, dig through that third grade book box and pull out some a that real shit (RL Stine’s The Ghost Next Door).  @hiv_aidz

Video Release: In The In Between {Seiichi Daimo}

528363_494245447279899_1880662008_n‘In The In Between’ by Seiichi Daimo (New Jersey)

Let us cut immediately to the chase; you’ve never heard Seiichi Daimo before. A true musical underdog, born and raised in San Diego before moving East to central New Jersey suburbs, Seiichi began playing in local bands as a singer/songwriter and digging deep into the East Coast skate scene. As with all progressive artists, the music he has been releasing as of late, including a yet to be dropped EP, is an ever-evolving life form with an energy unique to him alone. We as the listener choose qualities that we seek out in performers, whether it be swagger, technique, lyrical ability, etc. but with Seiichi we find a mature innocence that many adult songwriters lack. The featured video and song today is a recent single titled ‘In The In Between‘ and as listeners we see a level of youthful honesty that is absolutely riveting. Self-shot overlooking a bay in Kagoshima, Japan, the scenery is just about as captivating as the performance. As an aspiring videographer and director himself (you can view his reel HERE), this is a great package to shine a light on a true D.I.Y musician/artist. Be on the look out for his new EP release in 2014. @thinknotsleep


Video Release: Wallflowers {The Static Jacks}

1147513_10151795634122603_967212115_o‘Wallflowers’ by The Static Jacks   (Westfield, NJ)

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Static Jacks are an undeniable force that has only gotten stronger and more established over time, like a good bourbon. Always the type of band to bring a youthful energy to all that they do, whether it be performing, writing, shooting a video or anything else. This is a group with a collective focus, truly the only thing that can drive a musical entity forward. Their second full-length album titled In Blue is set for an October 1st release via Old Friends Records and the wheels are surely in motion now with the premiere of their first single and video for a heavy pop song called ‘Wallflowers‘. In just two days, the video surpassed 50k plays and has generated praise across the board, well deserved, with the video combining 90s memorabilia like troll toys and skip-its with a Weird Science theme where the band creates a perfect girl who then tries to break away from the obsessive Jacks. The video is refreshingly clever and will be played repeatedly by viewers for its’ lightheartedness and unique production. This is truly Phase 2 for The Static Jacks and it is exciting to see them so revamped and ready to take on the world. Video and album track list below! @thinknotsleep


In Blue Tracklist:
01. Horror Story
02. I’ll Come Back
03. Wallflowers
04. Home Again
05. We’re Alright
06. Katie Said
07. Ninety Salt
08. Decoder Ring
09. In Blue
10. People Don’t Forget
11. Greensleeves

ALLONE EP {mysteryofdel}

a2837344802_10ALLONE EP by mysteryofdel (NJ/LA)

Somewhere in a NJ basement or a bedroom in Los Angeles, depending on when you first discover his music, Andrew D’Elia aka mysteryofdel can be found sitting in front of his laptop with a cup of coffee and a guitar making creepy pop tunes. The recent release of his ALLONE EP is a compilation of exactly those kinds of sessions; home demoing at its’ most rugged with repetitive guitar grooves drenched in reverb and spacey vocals that you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find the incredible poetry within every line. Having built a local following over the years as a front man in various New Jersey bands, most popularly Chocolate Bread, Andrew D’Elia has always had a style of his own begging to shine through. These recordings are a first dive into that realm and it is my pleasure to introduce mysteryofdel to the Dingus community, as I am certain his music will be featured again in the future as the project develops. Enjoy this EP for stream or at your preferred price and thank me later for the spooky vibes. @thinknotsleep

2:1 EP {Long Faces}

a1096332479_102:1 EP by Long Faces   (New Jersey)

It is my pleasure to re-introduce Long Faces to the Dingus community with a new EP and a full-length album in progress. My first reaction while listening to the opener ‘Closer‘ was mild shock at how catchy and smart the hook is for a grungey pop song. With the stale format of 75% of indie-rock these days, it is refreshing to hear a track so well arranged and the 3 songs that follow serve as an equivalent experience. The band is about a year into their evolution and has stayed dutifully on track, cutting back on shows to dig deep into their repertoire and release music for everyone to get behind. This collection of songs is a great representation of the material, energy, and style Long Faces brings to the table and in short time people will be singing the lyrics and anxiously awaiting the full record. For now, do just that and be sure to check out their east coast dates over the next few months. @thinknotsleep

Single Release: Oxfords and Wingtips {Upset}

artworks-000057313447-7y1036-t500x500Oxfords and Wingtips’ by Upset (New Jersey)

Ali Koehler has been the drummer for both Vivian Girls and Best Coast. Patty Schemel was the drummer for Hole. Apparently the two met over Twitter and, after bonding over Vivian Girls, decided to form their own band. They recruited guitarist Jennifer Prince and Vivian Girl Katy Goodman (also of La Sera) to round out their supergroup. “Oxfords and Wingtips” is, unsurprisingly,  shoegaze-influenced pop-punk, drawing on the stylings of Vivian Girls while incorporating Best Coast’s accessibility. And given the pedigree of the various members, the quality of the track is obviously impeccable. The group’s debut LP, She’s Gone, which was produced by Swearin’ member (and Waxahatchee producer) Kyle Gilbride, will be released October 29 from Don Giovanni Records. @emilywherever

Wipe Out {Chimes}

a2579342836_10‘Wipe Out’ by Chimes   (Bloomfield, New Jersey)

Chimes are a band that frequent the Brooklyn DIY music scene. However, unlike some of their peers, they have the dream pop “thing” narrowed down perfectly. Its a critical blend of pop, rock and psych.

Step 1: Mix Equal Parts Pop, Rock and Psych

Step 2: Don’t Make It Boring

Step 3: Seriously, Don’t Make It Boring

That’s usually how I see it. Its so easy to get lost in the haze and reverb and when that happens, you lose your audience. I’m sorry but if you don’t snag me within the first 30 seconds, I’m done. ‘Wipe Out’ holds onto you better than velcro and gives you that “hey, we’re flying through the galaxy” feeling. How can you not picture space when you listen to this? Its inevitable and I’m very thankful. This is cool, very, very cool. @LeahDingus

Single Release: Stop Making Yourself Miserable {Vasudeva}

a3228982190_10‘Stop Making Yourself Miserable’ by Vasudeva   (New Jersey)

I will always take the opportunity to show love to fellow New Jersey artists and bands and it is due time that I got around to a feature on Vasudeva. These cats are youthful and ambitious; their instrumental tracks are teeming with melody and drive, creating a sound that even the most average ears can relate and dance to. Making music accessible without vocals can be a challenge but it is clear that these guys believe in what they are doing and it is that honesty that really delivers the sound they have recently put down in the studio for their new record Life In Cycles. I chose to feature ‘Stop Making Yourself Miserable‘ both for its’ anti-pessimism stance and its’ chill melodic atmosphere. Dig on it for 5 minutes and 47 seconds and tell me you won’t grab the whole release. @thinknotsleep

Single Release: One After Another {Philip & the Nasty}

a1623508458_10‘One After Another’ by Philip & the Nasty   (Roselle Park, NJ)


Let’s get one thing straight: This is the grittiest, grimiest, loveliest, shittiest, and might I add realest thing you’ll hear today. Philip & the Nasty, a haggard crew compiled of NJ scene players and fronted by songwriter/singer Philip Carmine Nasty, has been a project shaped and re-shaped over the course of the last 4 years or so. With countless demos, drunken live shows, scrapped albums, and rotating members, this latest EP is just one moment in time that has been captured for us to enjoy. The songs sound like New Jersey; gritty and emotional and exaggerated with huge drum sounds, reverb and vocals you could imagine hearing in a bar down in Asbury Park at any given time from 1978 to present. Go ahead and check out the EP and expect more down the road, without expecting anything to stay exactly the same. @thinknotsleep

Single Release: Holy War {Charles Keith Sztyk}

a0514695365_10‘Holy War’ by Charles Keith Sztyk   (Union, NJ)


Some bands and artists will always have a home here at Dingus. We have featured the work of Charles Keith Sztyk a few times in the past and as more and more singles and EPs are released, I am always inspired to write a new piece to share with our community. Whether you love indie-folk music or r&b, or anything else for that matter, Charles has an honesty in his musical demeanor that speaks to everyone. As lighthearted as some of his material can be, this new single is certainly one of his more mature and reflective tracks and it has a depth to the mix that really delivers that sentiment. This is a song you should share on your Facebook and Twitter pages because friends don’t let friends listen to bad music. @thinknotsleep