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Let’s Get Physical: Crash Symbols

I’ve had a long standing friendship with the gang over at Crash Symbols.  Besides sending our blog regular updates on their cassette releases (nothing get’s us going like real live mail) they’ve helped sponsor our events and always delivered top notch material.  This week, I’d like to focus on a few of their releases that have really defined the label as one of the most progressive DIY curators on the market.  Crash Symbols is known for taking risks.  Despite their lust for an electronic pop aesthetic, each release transcends genre and baffles bloggers as they struggle for the words to categorize the music.

Hèloïse by Noah Wall  (Brooklyn, New York)

Let’s do this chronologically, shall we?  If Hèloïse, upon introduction, doesn’t draft a Tears for Fears dynamic orientation than I don’t know what does.  Noah Wall, local Brooklyn-ite and sound designer, came to Crash Symbols back in September of 2011 to collaborate on a cassette that, still to this day, remains near the top of my pile.  Leading with the charging ‘Mind Games’  and floating to ‘In C(anada)’ gives you a clear look at what’s ahead: a challenging game of audio tectonics that slithers through all the emotional amendments lost on most electronic composers.

M A N by MondreM.A.N.   (Oakland, California)

Secondly, we have M A N, a hip hop release from the label that incorporates all the integrity that separates the elite from the crowd.  MondreM.A.N. put the cassette out back in February and, surprise, surprise it’s sold out.  Track for track, the album is justified as poetic beyond the standard of showmanship.  It develops on a transcending level that touches on a personal lifestyle in touch with the only generation that matters.  M A N blends the heavy handed realities of life with the blissful delivery that is music.

Memory by Ender Belongs to Me  (Brooklyn, New York)

Last, but certainly not least:  Memory.  An album composed entirely in Garageband and nurtured by an anonymous duo.  Noted across the internet as some sort of damaged offspring of a cultural victim, Ender Belongs to Me, in our blogs opinion is more of a truthful realization, an ephiphical journey told through the shackles of pop society.  While many took liking to tracks like ‘All Working’ and ‘You, Sir’, it was ‘Animate‘ that glued the EP together. @Dingusonmusic

Memory (Best New Music)

Memory by Ender Belongs to Me   (March 13, 2012) *

Ender Belongs to Me, a new, anonymous, experimental act in the DIY scene, today, released their first official EP, Memory.  In collaboration with label, Crash Symbols, the duo present a limited edition run of cassettes along side a free digital download.  We found, when talking to the band, that the five track EP features three guest vocalists and spans a wide range of musical influences.  The artists, who both go by pseudo-name, Peter Wiggin, say it’s their most pop oriented work yet, is it?  What makes this work so vivid is the contrasting thematic elements, somber music paired with cheerful vocals, plucked instrumentation over elongated atmospheric gestures.  Memory remains tightly wound, as its authors seem, while still managing to escape, at least in imagination, the box.

New Light & All Working (Best New Music)

‘New Light’ & ‘All Working’ by Ender Belongs to Me   (December 3, 2011) *

Anonymous, New York based production project, Ender Belongs to Me, declare themselves “one of DIY’s pioneers”, a bold statement made in a series of email strings with fictional character Peter Wiggin.  EBTM is a compositional duo, supposedly made up of childhood friends.  The group often features guest vocalists, as they define a confused digital sound.  Neatly tying the acoustic with the electric, songs like ‘New Light‘ resonate on a far deeper level, while tracks like ‘All Working‘ seem to make light of a serious situation.  Often making references to the award winning Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, the songs tend to deal with the more personal hardships the duo have struggled with, drug addiction, depression, anxiety and “utter confusion”.  For more.

beko <3 hartzine

Our friends across the pond at Beko-DSL published a new compilation album this morning curated by Hartzine, featuring some of the best diy artists we’ve ever failed to discover (you better believe we’ll be checking them all out).  Starting with a track from the estranged and delusional Ender Belongs to Me, the entire project is indeed worth the download.

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