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Astrosuka remixes Korn’s Falling Away From Me and you never need to listen to the original again, well you shouldn’t be anyway

avatars-000054291372-r3gluh-t500x500‘Falling Away From Me (Astrosuka R∑MIX)’ by Korn   (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I’m at a loss for words – I love it when you take things that in retrospect are not nearly as cool as we thought they were and make them super cool. KORN never sounded so good. KORN never sounded so smart. Thank you for this, it’s just what my morning needed. @Dingusonmusic

The Beauty Song {Visualkarma}

a0065025416_10The Beauty Song by Visualkarma   (Buenos Aires)


Has my heart turn soft? It seems that way. Don’t worry, I’m still always on the look for the latest and greatest in rock and roll but every once in a while, I need something a little softer. ‘The Beauty Song’ is just what I’m looking for. It’s beautiful dream pop that echoes through your head like a million siren calls. It makes me want to grab my blue tinted mason jar full of ginger ale and take my work day outside. You know, that doesn’t sound half bad. @LeahLovecat

La Corona de Fuego

‘La Corona de Fuego’ by Et In Arcadia   (February 17, 2012)

Like something out of a dystopian nightmare (think Dark City), Et in Arcadia takes all of our favorite electronic devices and uses them for pure evil.  With only a few fleeting seconds of anything “pleasant”, ‘La Corona de Fuego‘ is an instrumental marathon that would easily fit as the soundtrack to shady nightclub movie scene.  Some of you might feel like you’re listening to the first musical robot, completely lacking the human sense to break the rapid pulse that is the backbone of the song with something more melodic, and maybe you are.


Siamés by Los Hermanos McKenzie   (October 13, 2011)

Los Hermanos McKenzie maintain a certain degree of elegance while still letting a more frantic side through.  In general, they’re writing pop songs, but the carful detail to ornamentation sets them apart from any other.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by Paula Trama   (September 9, 2011) *

Paula Trama is charming in every formal sense of the word.  With a lush diy aesthetic, she delivers four flavorful tracks, winding her vocals around themselves until they seem to split.  It’s in these moments that she seems to reach enlightenment (in the most insincere sense of the word) to discover something more personally profound rather than universally useful.  Relax and enjoy this simple, yet beautiful EP.