About Me


Curtis R. Dinguson is the founder, publisher, and CEO of Dinguson Music. He’s a California-based fictional writer, analyst, blogger, and a leading music industry expert. Dinguson is also a popular music commentator with vast experience in the local music industry.

Dinguson is popular in the California industry for his great works and impact on the industry. He’s helped many rising artists to work on their talent and sell great music locally and nationally. He’s passionate about music and what he does, things he pinpoints to his unrelenting success.

After decades of unmatched success in the music industry, Dinguson founded Dinguson Music to take his game to another level. He analyzes different songs in the industry to help fans find something that suits their style and taste. His love for most music genres sees him cover all kinds of music.

Dinguson Music aims to become a leading information-based service in the music industry worldwide. The platform features everything about music, including news and insights. Dinguson also covers the latest updates on how music is covered, produced, marketed or advertised, consumed, and monetized.

We review all kinds of music in the local, national and international music industry. We help our audience discover the most recent song releases and compile a collection of their favorite music with just a few clicks.

We target both music artists and fans to help meet their unique needs. Upcoming artists find our resources and services useful to help them penetrate all the noise and stiff competition in the industry. We’ve been supporting artists for decades and here to stay for many years to come.