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Toaster Music [16] I really <3 NYC

Toaster Music [14]

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A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by : A fast brained sparrow-music lover 

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This is Toaster Music [14]

So Long 13 

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What is the purpose?

I wondered in the corner of a brand new pink-lit room. As usual, my mind has answers but my being surrendered to love has truth. The whole body is a responsive, thinking mechanism. To isolate our intelligence in one center (our brain) just because it is nearest to our eyes is just a step in our evolution, not the final destination.

Truth, actually, is long sought after denominator of our species, only it is not graspable by just the mind. It is an entire body function. An observable result of the unification of all our centers. If you break truth down to its smallest common denominator, its content would be constructed faith. The substance of life.

And how interesting that “denom-” (of denominator) and demon seem phonetically linked. Demonstration. An act. A performance. To teach and show you the way to do something. Best way to learn, how to NOT do it.

All things and less (since less is more)


The outside world is a lofty place to look for anything real.  Especially when what we all have on the inside is infinitely more interesting.

Now’s a good time to listen to some beautiful new music.

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A thick and sultry synth guides us in through a tiny slight of high pitched summons. Like a pathway in a rough and beautiful forrest teaming with creatures and unseeable life, the ascending and descending arpeggiation is like a swift footed guide to a world of ghosts and colors. A lot like Earth.

SYNCHROSYNCT‘ is a track with patience and hopeful overtones.  An uplifting movement of electronic beats whirl to a twinkling breakdown of interlocking notes. If Animal Collective, Boards of Canada and Lil Wayne decided to collaborate (and for some reason Lil Wayne was feeling introspective and not very talkative) their sound would be as strong, melodic and playful as this track.

It sounds like a celebration of every video game every written. If the industry itself were to have a national cyber anthem, I nominate this track for the win.





The spirit sings softly here. As it most often does. The reflections involve notions of doubt and things that could possibly brew in the light of love.

“Always thinking about always drifting with doubt. But with you…”

Everything changes. Basically. Like when the lower aspect of our humanity meets the higher one for the grandest marriage of all.

The chorus is a soft lament. We are summoned out of a sticky situation and into a warm collision of guitars, a thick bass and simple vocals do wonders to deliver a loving spoonful of melody and harmony. The haunting itself is indeed, always self inflicted. I am sure the boys of Hollow Everdaze have grasped the notion that pendulum must swing both ways before it stands still at the point of recognition.

They all stood still lovingly enough to create this.

The most enjoyable part of this song is how the voices here seem to be so stripped. Subdued yet sincere, innocently displaying themselves to enchant the listener by taking them to the center of their own serenity. What a gift.

The mood reminds me of Beirut mixed with a hint of Grizzly Bear. Also the vocals remind me of one of my favorite vocalists, Nate Terepka from the Brooklyn Band Zula.

And just when you thought it was finished, the most magical and appropriate outro unwinds the song. You are left with a feeling similar to the one that comes from watching waves crash on a seashore on a night a lit with stars. Endless wonder.





It is very obvious that this track comes from a whole other side of the world. It is almost as though the air itself that rhythm of this track is pushing is less dense than more techno-centric cities. There is a spaciousness to the vocals and a gentleness to the beat that almost makes it difficult to call this song a rock song, even though it exhibits all the traits and symptoms of a rocking track. There is an expanded exploration of one chord that seems to span many through various overtones. Along with the tastefully embedded horn sounds, the lyrical content embeds a visual of mountain hopping and vast openness. It is a form of imaginative freedom, which this song strongly activates as it weaves a scenic texture to the listening process. We are no longer seated but moving fast and freely down sonic highways.

The band hails from Greece, which is a neighbor of my birth town, Beirut. I can almost feel the climate of the mediterranean in the chords. The whole piece is a succinct and concise testament to quiet being a new form of loud. Not much needs to happen for something to be incredibly beautiful. A few delicately spoken words amidst a flurry of tonal washes.

It can be so breezy.

Until next week.
Muchos Kisses. @Toastermusicbk

Toaster Music [13]

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A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by : A Synesthetic Musical Oracle 

Recent birthday decision:  I will play with my identity in the title to mix it up a bit…like the intros to Futurama or Bart Simpson’s chalk board entries.  Creative liberties in keeping with the ever-changing sonic tapestry that is Music.

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This is Toaster Music [13]

On Change and Becoming

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We are human beings.

Yet really, we are more like human becomings.  Always in the making, perfecting, analyzing. Maybe you are like me and you wonder “what is this all about” quite frequently on the inside.

Music itself is an inside activity from outside and beyond. It is a very personal experience given its inextricable link to the source of all things—vibration. Listening to music is like entering someone’s living room. It is so intimate and personal, like being a guest in a house. Only you are a guest in your own HEAD!

God* is so infinitely interesting (*a typographical necessity referring to the highest vibrational frequency of total intelligence that brought forth totality and its multiplicity in love). To create such beauty in sound…through variations of itself/herself/himself/allselfs really.

To create the light and then the light creates the shadow of itself.

I learned this week that EVIL (wrongdoing and misdirected love energy at its core)—which I despised and loathed with all my heart during my rebellious tenure of youth —is in fact the very thing I was doing. Because if I hate or loathe ANYTHING, that is evil in action. So cunning in its divisiveness, it masked its own existence and perpetuates itself through the tiniest shreds of our disapproval and judgement. That is how it entered and contaminated my being. The very act of hating and loathing is the evil itself. It is a trick you see. A slight of the eye. A shadow you deemed to be the being you sought.

We are so attached to this root error and you expose it for what it is, you whole world will unravel and everything you came to know and love will despise you momentarily. That is another trick too.

This is what I impart to you with full heart and true experience as it is my birthday wish declaration that I send out to the world…

Evil is nothing but a shadow of good.

So long as good exists, evil will be there. As a reminder.

But the minute you judge it, you have entered into its power and grip.

You are not your shadow. Can you see it for what it is?  Even further still….can you Love it? Because to love that which you hate is the only true challenge and test.

The shadow too then must be the creation of a perfect plan. You cannot fully love if you hate in the slightest. Every person you dislike and every motion in your being to negate anything…that, my friend, is the devil in you. Vanquish that. Empty recycle bin. We are ready to begin to fully understand.

The pendulum swings because it has two directions.

Here is some music to light your way home.

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In keeping with the light/dark theme and holding the thoughts I just shared with you in heart/mind, I scoured bandcamp and towards me floated BEATSOFREEN and these COLOURED DREAMS.

The gentle slaps of percussion are little tiny weeny wake up calls. Sharp and directional, the wheels are motion for a slow ride magic potion.

Reminiscent of Dj Cam’s Mad Blunted Jazz  while maintaing the energetic textures of a stripped down Flying Lotus (as if he were playing an open mic night), finally mixed with Dabrye’s compositional sensibility (see odd video reference of his song here).

It is almost like we are shedding coats in an alleyway…without fear of attack. But simply to loiter in ourselves in an unknown darkness in order to better understand our light. Here, we are transported by BEATSOFREEN to a brief theatrical pause.  A Hipster film noir comes to mind. Hey, if you are alive today you are a hipster, regardless of age/creed/color. FADING SHADOWS is a universal call to exhale. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

This is a smooth ride down a sultry and sweet ally whose dark yet tenderly placed elements interlock and disperse in a clean fashion. Enough dissonance to bring you closer and a break down at the later microscopic second of 1:25 mins, we come to learn that Mr/Miss BEATSOFREEN understands how to keep the listener engaged and warmly enclosed in the sensitivity of relaxing tonal choices that soothe our nerves and fan our inner flame. Like a warm fireplace, this track is pure, flickering light.

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If dots could sing…this would be the beauty they’d bring.

Here, Peter Bosch enriches our spirit with what appears to be the happier and dreamier trifecta version of musical entities: New Order, Depeche Mode and Gary Numan conjoined at the expansive musical hip.

The build is slow and curious like most things worth waiting for in life. And to side chain a drum neatly, tucked in the folds of vibraphones in an anthemic track that conjures up the notion of Fairies being liberated after years of isolation on a fruitless barren island is not as simple as it sounds. Here the ship has come and docked, taking every prisoner (of our own cages I might add) on Earth and unlocking a secret key in the heart…

And flight of course follows. There is an internal travel in this song. A journey and an illuminated pathway that we are guided into by the sweetness of major notes not trying to overwhelm one another by having the space to be exactly what they are. This is a happy song.

Moan all you want. Unload your out of tune auto-tuned angst and need to get laid…oh so strong…you went ahead ‘n  defiled yourself and this language in a song (that is my rap on rap). Do that. Bitch and brag. Or make happy unassuming pretty magical things. God is a rapper and a fairy, amongst other things.

And on the 7th day, God rested… and created modern minstrel music. Also the art work bears much celebration. My stomach claps at the choice of Pineapple close-up for subject matter—and *insert fabulously enthused gay voice here* That pastels are just divine!

And all around wonderful promenade down a whimsical orchard of joy. Thank you OF OCEANS. Way to bring us back home.

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‘XHILLXUT (nigga)’ BY  x.lean.x (COLOGNE, GERMANY)



Using non musical sounds in a musical way to make it musical, is yet another way genius disguises itself in music.

Much in the same way one does not know what to buy someone who has everything on their birthday, what can one say about a musician who seems to understand everything that is pertinent and necessary to know about sound when constructing an abstract piece of beat-ridden reverie?

The signals and psycho-acoustics are actually very urgent sounds if heard in isolation, yet they are blended so precisely into a rhythmic smoothie that they seem gentle and unobtrusive.  This song is an internal head massage that is sure to rid your mind of any negative knots that your lower self constructs by innocent ignorance in order to bend to the will of the higher self –  a negation of no itself. A celebration of Yes. A seeing of beauty and the moving stillness at the depths.

Try listening to this track with your whole body. Not just your ears. Let it move into your feet and guide your heart into its flow. There is a very uplifting aspect to this track that is  covered by its advanced simplicity.

The person in charge is a New York native, who is part of electronic collective known as Noorden. Something about that name is comforting and welcoming. I salute all involved in the making of this fantastic slither of sonic sweetness.

Well done X.Lean.X.

You just get it.

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This is……Toaster Music [13] On Change And Becoming

a-coming to a-close.

A thank you to Sage for teaching me how to keep it real and have no doubt when it comes to identifying and speaking the truth. A remarkable trait in this day and age that can only be upheld by a man whose trajectory is as bright as his observations. No doubt.

Until next weekity week, remember to actively notice that there is no evil. Just different rates of growth and contraction in the ever swinging pendulum, that shows us what is right in what is wrong and hold us in the unshifting movement towards the ineffable, inevitable loving light.

Muchos Kisses. @Toastermusicbk

Toaster Music [12]

A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess

With South by Southwest fever gripping the DIY nation, the Western Hemisphere is super charged with musical impulses. When souls gather to make sounds towards the sky with a lot of equipment and a willing consortium of good-time-hipsters, it is bound to be a wonderful time.

I am not going. I have always wanted to. Only I imagine my debut at South by Southwest to mirror the gaudiness of a royal wedding. Over the top and as though you were on hallucinogens. I would gallop in on a chariot. Have plenty of white horses covered with colorful flowers. I would bring a Fleet of Foxes and present them to Fleet Foxes who would great me in harmony: “Hellooooo Natalieeeeeeeee! We’ve been expecting you to open for us.” We laugh, the foxes run amok…and then suddenly myself and every one else at Southby would break into an impeccably coordinated synchronized dance. Until then…

Here I am. With your eyeballs,  armed with a tiny nebula of noise to greet your consciousness. Fleeting, sweeping, singing – Toaster Music [12] Toast by ToastWest edition is here for those of you who have not and especially one of you who has made the pilgrimage to Texas.

I wish I had some esoteric wisdom to impart right now, but I am not in the mood. I miss my friend. The Southby wave has washed her momentarily away. Her name is Tarra. You might know her from the cunningly tongue-in-cheek genius pop-(punk) outfit, SHARKMUFFIN. And when I say the band is JAWsdropping (shark pun created and intended) I mean it. I have never left a SHARKMUFFIN show without hearing someone commenting on Tarra’s unparalleled shredding technique, usually with a Hendrix comparison. Natalie Kirch electrifies the stage on bass accentuating the set with harmonies and steady grooves, while Dave Adler is hardly visible. He is simply moving arms, fast fast moving arms that never miss a beat!  If you are in Austin,  check ‘em out! They are the friendliest, most bad-ass rock Debutantes you will ever meet.

Time to transmute pangs of longing and replace them constructively with feelings of warm appreciation for the influx of vibrational beauty discovered this week.

Tutencome on in! to Toaster Music [12] Toast by ToastWest edition…





Is this deep house? I wondered to myself for a minute. Then I thought, no. Can’t be. This is clearly a well disguised electro-orchestra coming to raise my heart rate and tickle parts of my brain I forgot existed. This is what I imagine things sound like to be a thought impulse, zipping its way up down and around the open invisible highways of our electro magnetic atmosphere.

The sounds are sharp, distinct and yet gentle. The pulsing synths speak a language in themselves of a deep wonder and steadiness. This is not your ordinary song. Apparently enough of us have had enough of those and now genius is allowed to flourish freely between as many bars as many measures as necessary to transfer the adequate dosage of love harmony in vibrational sound.

SIAMESE BURN is the perfect name too! The idea of an identical burn, it’s mystical sounding. As we all carry the same fire within, our solar plexus—the umbilical chord to the sun from our tummy tum tums. Here, a distant siamese fire twin expresses too much quirkiness in character and openness in textures to be immediately categorized as “dance”. We are lead out of a glitchy, sun twitchy jungle into a pasture of delightful dots. Notes. Everywhere. Like technicolor raindrops.

This song is pure magnetic magic.
Thank you Jonny Wildey – Bright Bright Brilliance from Brighton.





First uncensored thought: Erik Satie. Yes, the tender pianist may have made this 2 chorded sweet sequence notorious, only here it exists uniquely with a modern astro-twist. Clark Powell constructs a miniature musical promenade. He is going somewhere slowly, but surely.

A cohesively tasteful piano leads us into a neatly arranged series of vocal flourish that invite us to wait for it, because it only gets better. Who said lyrics were the foundation of a song? It seems to me that quite often when the melody is strong, the content is only as effective as the delivery. When the words start to make sense, our longing can collectively release. Hope of holding the thing you love. Seeing the sun in the morning. It does not really matter what happens. It is more important, I find (uh oh, esoteric insight on the way)… how you do what you do.

This track was put together with a great deal of care and precision. The mood is relaxed and fills the space with a well orchestrated expectation of joy. No easy feat. I commend you Sir Powell. You just got Knighted in my world.




Alright. This took me a few minutes to understand. A conversational exchange happened on a psychic plane. I noticed the more I listened to the fragments of muffled noises, the more spacious things started to feel. A peculiar and familiar space. Then impatience—I kept wondering what would happen here. I fell right into the trap. With its bedroom charm and a character of bravery about this track, I am inclined to stay.

The loop begins. The female vocals are emerging from the audio equivalent of an electro blanket. Something is trying to be heard amidst the crackles. Whispers of nature, air pressure, buzzing – was that a duck ? Who knows. All I know is that this track works.

The mood is delicate and sombre.

The nothing spoken of here seems to like background behind reality. The void of vastness. The endless bliss, reigning supreme as always regardless of our recognition. Like this song, it softens and stays. A pleasant haunting.

I appreciated just how extraordinarily out there this sonic space is. The organic structure flows in and out itself like a buzzing bee on a flower. You want to watch, you want to be close but sometimes it is best to just take a few steps back and inhale your immediacy away.

A soft female voice pushed through the calm chaos of sound collage. It appears  only for a bit before the vanishing returns. And poof.

The magic hides until you look for it again.

This has been Toaster Music [12] Toast by Toastwest edition.

I will leave you with a verbal injection of inspired logic to help mediate your brain space -

“The only blasphemy there is, is the misuse of Mind for negative speculation.”

Keep it light.


Toaster Music [11]

“A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess. “

Numbers are fascinating. They are alive with information yet so stagnant in appearance. It is almost like they have no idea what they are, yet they are fully themselves. Almost like a species you may have heard of that I have come to love – humans.

Toaster Music [11] One and One edition is here with one and one and one (3!) exquisite vibrations, all  in gripping stereo-sound, coming to your frontal cortex with intent to massage your worries away…vanishing over vast pastures of starry colored bright lights.

Speaking of bright lights, in order to survive in New York, one must expect and allow their ego to expand. A lot. It is a spiritual growth…the kind that asks that you encompass the entire universe, thereby guaranteeing that the buildings aren’t that intimidating and that the constant noise stream is really a figment of your imagination. You must let your ego get cosmic, where it sees that it is omniscient and that it is the source of your life.

Imagine…that you invented color. Then you color the mountains. The we molded the mountains and made cities.

This ego. Is in fact, a twofold entity from my experience.

We have a one inside and one beyond. Let me explain.

The one beyond is the person you aspire to be, at your core. It tells you when you are doing something completely shitty. It whispers though. Very quietly. As if it were high frequency fridge buzz. I call it God. Lots of people take issue with that term. You can call it Electric Banana. Meanwhile, I will do all that is necessary to avoid arguing over semantics cause that has led humanity nowhere thus far.

There is another one of us. The lower one. This one likes to eat and skip and talk to people. It is a mouth piece, essentially. It’s either spitting things out or taking things in, like a highly sophisticated bipedal vacuum cleaner. Also, a sprinkler system. Go to yoga, sweat. Emotional moment, weep. Sprinkle sprinkle.

Those two, ones. The one we are becoming and the one we are, that growth and battle, is really the only one we are seeing in any argument.

Becomes everyone knows, 1 + 1 is 2. Thats’ when they join and become a whole new thing together. But for now, 1 and 1, 11. They are not ready for that kind of commitment yet.

:) But I am ready for music.






We start out melodically and instrumentally this week. Lucky for us some songs do not waste any time achieving harmonic resonance, as the album title eludes to. The interlocking tones and the sparseness of this composition makes UNSEENMACHINE stand out strongly amidst the many electronic beat makers circulating. Using a few sparsely scattered minor notes in the verses gentle texturing the audio landscape with subtle splashes of synth sinking and rising throughout the track.

Then a surprise twist. A tasteful and delicate flourish of backwards vocals, not intended to be mentally decoded into an intellectual phrase yet used instead to communicate directly with our soul, where words no longer matter.

This song reminds me of the mysterious moments that take place the minute we lay our head down to sleep. The time in the evening when all the images, sounds and events of the day seem to collage then collapse into our psyche. When the people’s faces and sounds they make seem about as real as the darkness is until you open your eyes.

‘OPAQUE’ creator Paul Carter is probably no stranger to the sensitivity of reverie, as his music indicated a understanding of the subtler aspect of life as he has given us a spacious and lush electronic piece of art that covers your heart in wonder. Thank you for this lovely treat.






Come with me and meet anyone.

It’s like a slow swan dive from a cloudy midnight sky into a bed of soft expansive cotton. Much in the same way as the smell of a pancake cooling with buttery syrup would tempt our nostrils, this whimsy of YON YONSON begins with a singular sweet note, a well loved note. Fairy dust naturally follows. The angels come in finger-pluck at a time, hovering by our ears. We must listen. We must understand.

This is delicate aspect of the universe softly inquiring – What did you find? It is not long before the nostalgia is injected with the freshness of a push-pull beat. The percussion encloses us with the feelings of a fresh smelling forest or newly rained on New York Street…the perfect entanglement of fumes and air. The softness of these sounds are so light one can almost smell them.

Nathan and Andrew have out done themselves. One and One combined to make a subtle explosion of musical yum. Thank you gentle lads. May the flying purple unicorn I ordered you by invisible interplanetary FedEx arrive shortly and jam with you on my behalf. I’m on keys.




Things that are built slowly are built to last. The jaunty, off-set beat is a highly tuned and precisely stitched pattern of fun exploration, one would think. For the first minute and nearly half we are in a pool of warmth until the synth decides to kick itself up a few notches and cast a delightful spell over our bodies.
The slow moving keyboard tracks appear to be in a jazzy realm of their own, dancing around other. It is a giant tease. This is introductory course in flirtation and also the  kind of sweet grooving electronic track Toaster Music always hopes to find every week. Every frequency at peace with the other and no competing sounds. All the various elements of the music arrangement are present with their own brilliance.  We are here for the next 3:33, disarmed and bobbin’ our heads discretely.
Just when you hope for them, the vocals enter. A mystical reverberating female and a the equally distinct sounds of a male. Both enter and do not impose. Simplicity being the ultimate sophistication that it is, 2 is enough. With the crescendo and movement progressing swiftly, it is over too soon. So listen again, then do yourself the favor and listen to the entire DOWN LOVE E.P. It will cheer you up, love E.P. Thank you Kyle Hamon, for a job majestically accomplished.
Let it flow through and through. The one and the one.
Eleven or two?

Until next time. @Toastermusicbk

Toaster Music [10]

“A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess. “

Do you remember turning 10?  It felt transformative to stop being integer-aged.

1  And 0

The line and the circle.

The Alpha and the Omega.

The Mind and the Soul.

The Single and the Whole.

The drop and the Ocean.

Many of us can see that a drop of water is in the ocean, but few of us really recognize that the ocean itself is also in the drop.













Instantly, psychedelia. Rock. Rhythm and Motion. What’s this?

Ah. Humanity is being addressed. Listen up.

The duo of David Bachmann and Nicholas Flandro have infused the notion of American psychedelia with a buzzing bending brightness.  This elegant time capsule of sound spans decades of musical evolutionary movements. Funk, Soul, Garage Rock—all represented here to some safe degree.

Restrained phrasing conveys the intent of the message and strength of this song—balance. Each component of the track resting neatly on the other, the bouncy bass lines and synth bursts exist in an orderly perfect manner. UNIVORE are not your average rock stars.

They are far-out.

I suspect the world will not be able to contain themselves much longer after hearing this though. The musical mechanism in place here is likely to garner these boys a tremendous reputation for originality. They have my vote for “Seemingly Unparalleled Sophistication in Song Writing”. I have seriously not heard anything like UNIVORE, yet they are familiar! That is a sure sign of success to come!

Tame Impala, Depeche Mode, The Chap, Of Montreal – all together in one cohesive universe.

The musicality of the verses and lyrical content of HUMANITY FAMILY play off one another like a married couple still in love at 100. Total synchronicity of purpose. Each element of this songs purpose supports the other without becoming too overbearingly cliche or repetitive. Things change and move in a pace that engages the listener constantly while infusing our souls with a sense of reflective awareness.

It is not easy to be profound in a funky sounding song. To solidify your stance and localize your perspective on Humanity in ONE song is quite a feat not to be underestimated or overlooked, but celebrated. Congratulations UNIVORE! I am sure you will be able to manage the trappings of fame and fortune logically and generously, by bettering the planet with your gifts by blessing the minds of the ignorant with these much required reality-check inspired songs.

This track is what music is really about.






The evocative image of a a bright white female floating across a bed stars, nude as the truth and as peaceful as a flower, speaks volumes on whats to come into our ears.

The architecture of the track is mysterious enough to keep my ears entranced while the cultivated consistency of the rhythm keeps us grounded and expectant of something beautiful to come. Beyond the perfectly crafted rhythmic punches and singing textural hums, comes the climactic inclusion of high note distortions and contortions. Electric guitar that sounds like feedback or feedback that sounds like electric guitar? This music feels cosmic.

NEAT BEATS is comprised of the honorable duo of Alvin Fenner and Ryan Haynes. They proclaim in one humble sentence, “all I care about are the Beats.”

They had to have cared about everything that happened in this track as meticulousness, gliding edits and elusive overtones do not construct themselves, dear.  The song seems like it is remaining in place yet it keeps changing in feel.

The lightness of movements are all captured in this invisibly enclosed space. The listener is given room to wonder and elope with a star if so inclined. While the surface of this song projects all the trappings of a lounge track, if you focus deeply while enjoying every nuanced percussion, you will notice that THIS MACHINE DESTROYS ITSELF, actually destroys nothing as it plays. Quite the contrary. It enlivens the being more than anything.

Thank you NEAT BEATS.  i THANK yOu.





“A floating, flowing faucet of magical unification” they explain on Facebook.


Tender harmonics are beginning to unfold across an inviting sonic landscape in our heads. We are summoned inward by sweet sounding sirens who seem to know a thing or two about magic. Their centers are joined in loving harmony. I feel an increasing sense of privilege the more I listen. There is something sacred about the space that these voices generate.

The sparsity of this song’s production deserves emphasis as it was integral to the   feelings of wide-openness present in this track. The old adage ‘less is more’ is exemplified here by Jeremy R. Harris’s style of recording which ultimately resulted in an immaculately presented and powerfully arranged song.

Every sound that comes to thrive and pass in this delicate melodic adventure has its own space to breathe.  In fact, breathing itself takes on its own essence and  presence by the time we are past the first chorus.

The female breath specifically has a way of consistently invoking our most primal instincts. This airy-ness is a testament to our fragility. The spirit of it all is lighter than a song and stronger than a mountain. Like the people involved in this track I would assume.

It seems to be a new musical trend, allowing the breath to charge. A call to inhalation; what an exquisite notion.

The vocal renderings of Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing interplay and dance along and beside each other like translucent kaleidoscopic shadows. They have, together, invented a new auditory rainbow in my mind. This particular style of highly evolved-effervescing sound introduces new and overdue textures to our indie female duo landscape.

These are the divinely intertwined kind of musicians. The who take your average song structure and infuse it with a dose of  ingenuity. Verse, Chorus, then swiftly but surely onto the most enigmatic and exhilarating bridge break down in the history of female breathing and back casually to yet another soul shaking Verse, Chorus. Like nothing transcendental took place? But it did.

We were all here for this.

Until next time. @Toastermusicbk

Toaster Music [9]


A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess


Hello. This is Toaster Music [9] Most Highly Flirtatious edition.

The reason Toaster 9 has taken on this sultry topic is that, living in Brooklyn, it is hard to avoid flirting with something.

Everything is beautiful. People, music, art, pigeons, snowball fights with strangers. Its an ongoing flirtation, so to speak. A romance between myself and the sky every day. And constantly uncovering the talents of people who dwell and dream around me.

9 is a unified number. Standing on one curved leg, maintaining its giant head in such a firm balanced position. It is almost defying gravity on some level. Like most musicians in the DIY scene.

I told my manager that some musicians I meet seem to be present in form but  in actually their spirit is on a distant planet far far away, way out beyond the milky way, past star trek  and towards the sun.

He responded, “Of course, Natalie. They are always listening to a song behind their eyes. ” He continues very matter-of-factly,  “Their intellect is disengaged. Immersed in their own consciousness and the music of the spheres.”

So, they seem insane but really…”they are in-sound.”

The Secret Science of Numerology, The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters, the number 9 is actually the unlimited soul expression of all things. Including sound.

The 9 is a finishing number, for after 9 comes 10. The higher plane. The one integer becoming two. Numeric meiosis. Flirty cellular biology and 3 higher, wholesome, tasty, tickle-tickle tracks to send you to a place where sleepovers happen every night and tea-time is approached as a serious endeavor of spiritual importance…

Toaster Music [ 9 ] Highly Flirtatious Divine edition. *saxophone solo*


‘My Baby AND Me’ BY PEP (BROOKLYN, New York)




We start with a sweetly textured rolling rhythm that enlivens the song while carrying us into a clap-happy tune that celebrates the wonders of attachment and young love. There is something fundamentally adorable about women who want to cuddle their men.

This is the kind of track you play right when you wake up, for audio breakfast.  It is like a glass of orange juice. It zings you into a particular mind-s p a c e. Pulling together a cohesive and neatly digestible vintage image is no easy feat.  By the same token, is it certainly not easy sounding this crisp and clean in the gritty world that is the Brooklyn DIY music scene.

Here, the multi-faceted talent diamond that is Karys Rhea shines forth. In her debut solo project PEP , she shows us how to Doo-Wop and tap our neatly polished fingers on our retro ’50s kitchen counter. My eyes keep returning to the welcoming album colors. Very Eames feeling (check out Powers of 10 on YouTube if you have no idea what I am on about).

This arena of juke-box boppin’ nostalgic cuteness is familiar to Miss Rhea, as she is a rhythmic veteran of the hip Brooklyn music circuit as the drummer for the psychedelic dreamer-pop team, The Starlight Girls.

Every girl in the world has dreamt of looking like that on the cover of their first album. I speak on behalf of my deep inner connectedness to all things stuffed animal and girlie.

It takes a particular kind of genius to do something so conceptually cohesive. Thank you Karys Rhea & Keep the PEP treats coming!







This makes so much sense – there is just no question what is happening between your ears when it starts.

Serious audio seduction underway this week on Toaster Music [9] highly whatever I forget my own name right now this is such a well constructed, good feeling sound space, we are left with no choice but to listen to the joy embedded in Kevin Sjolin’s psyche.

The Colorado native has a knack for mixing the right pieces together. Sampling and audio collage is an art unto itself. Like cooking, less is more.

We are in what seems to be a major seventh jazzy sweet train. The tracks are curving in and around lush female vocals, warmed by the crispness of the snare and high tingling keyboards ringing through our ears. Like the worlds tiniest funk band has teleported into your brain.

Sweet Jesus Jellybeans.

Music is the mother of seduction. More yum yums mummy!



Chocolate fountain boobies? Maybe.

Grimy crunchy audible candy. Definitely.

When will wonders cease?

Not for the next 5:10 seconds. Bright Future promises and delivers a  meticulously sequenced series of low-fi Toasty tones building and uniting our consciousness in a warm web of waves. The past and the future collided once more and brought us this familiar sounding, confidence inducing magical tune.

Marvin Gaye, God rest his soulful genius, once remarked that if you want to write a musical phrase, it is best to keep it simple. If your expression has seven notes, find a way to summarize the essence in three. That lesson is clearly embedded in the guitar hook that leads our ears through multi-layers of lush tones, all that Frank Midnite painted.

He is an instrument and in absolutely no hurry. After all, this is a subdued musical adventure underway here. It sounds like the daytime and the nigh time. The major mood is fluid in its movement, in and along the melody. His voice comes in like a news report from the future. He emotes honestly and purely. There is enough clarity and enough mystery to production. Now I hear him say -

“Baby, I need you, I love. There’s nothing on Earth I wouldn’t do for you”.

Say it with me ladies…


*stuffed teddy bear comes to life and offers you a cupcake* (deliriously cute image)

The wispy textures of his voice dance wonderfully with the rockin’ (yep. I’ll say it again: rockin’) synth solo. By the time we return to the track rhythmically speaking (have you noticed how tastefully sparse the drum arrangement is?) we have missed Frank Midnight’s voice too much. Come back and say those things any girl with a heart has dreamt of hearing.


This track gets a Toast shaped like a heart.

Until next time folks!

This has been, Toaster Music [9] Most Highly Flirtatious edition. Out. @ToasterMusicbk

Toaster Music [8]

A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess

Hello. And welcome.

And observe, as I did, the sun glimmer across an infinite-seeming set of reflective glass window-eyes.

toaster 8 (c) n y t y l y . infinite windows

This is Toaster Music [8] The Infinity Finite Infinite Edition.

Before you wrap your head around that quirky quantum equation, allow me to share the anecdote of my “Brush With Death” right now.

This does not mean that Death (you know the guy, in the black cape who’s always carrying that menacing looking spatula)…was brushing my hair late into the evening. Although that would be sweet of him.

It was almost an hour ago. On my bicycle, while I was out greeting the sun as part of my daily ritual. It is piercingly cold weather, the kind that really sends your toes into a tingly place. I was wearing many head-layers, to keep warm. Perhaps too many. As one fell over my face and surrounded my eyes completely, as I was biking on a main street. Everything went black. I knew instantly, this was not the ideal biking situation: blind and disoriented on a busy morning street.

Yet somehow, amidst all this,  my third eye managed to get involved and I saw myself looking rather hilarious, blinded by my own vain headdress, peddling into possible death. I had no fear, it seemed. Any. I just started cracking up at the possibility of such monumentally cute death…as they would determine that my little glittery headdress was the perpetrator. Would it go to jail? Would it stand trial? Meanwhile, Toaster’s toast and I’m laughingly re-entering the Earth via a new baby somewhere to continue my karmic journey.

Even though I was laughing I was still blindly moving through traffic. Instead of panicking and trying to get whatever it was off my face quickly, I let go of the handlebars and was prepared to fall/crash/whatever. The STRANGEST thing happened. My bike “moved” by taking a hard right, that was honestly not of my own direct influence. It was as if gravity, laughter and the sun had conspired a movement of safety for me.

It was actually, exactly that.

Infinite care and love, gently guiding my blind ass along.

In the book SPIRITUAL HEALING FOR TODAY by Raymond Charles Barker we are quickly transported to infinite logic and infinite hope by the close of a short concise statement. He keeps it simple. He is profound. Here are some examples to get your mind ready for the incoming finite beauty:

  • Evil Destroyed is Good Appearing
  • Failure of emotional expression results in illness
  • An expanded experience will never happen unless an expanded consciousness precedes it
  • Your only enemy is yourself, the only thing that can hold you back is your own mind
  • Prayer is a conscious mind technique.


And there you have it folks. Spirit, math, music, focus, attention, prayer, God, physics (the observer effect) and reality check. All these things are ONE. And infinite. One.

That is why folks. If we are here…we’ve already won the battle.

The meek (and musical) shall inherit the Earth. TO THE MUSIC WAVES!!!!!


‘Les Lumières Pétillantes ‘ BY RUSHING SILVER (Montréal, QC)



This has to be one of the most unique and interesting things I have ever heard in a good long while.

If you like Arthur Russel and can appreciate a song whose hook seems to be the entire song itself – you will fall in love with this as quickly as I did.  Bought it. 6 plays so far. Evidence is in. Jury is back: Natalie cannot stop listening to this track. I keep trying to understand why I love it so much, there are just so many good things going on here that I having a hard time picking ONE item to focus on.

Her Voice.


Admittedly, in the same way that most dog owners begin resemble their pets, we tend to enjoy voices and faces that resemble our own. This has nothing to do with vanity, but everything to do with familiarity and our mental recognition software.

This woman sounds familiar and close. Her delicate feminine vocals seem to drip like rain, in my membrane. Nothing here is an accident. All has been precisely crafted to create a distinctly warm space.

There are some Vincent Gallo vibrations too. Once the bass and guitar decide to hang out together at last, the personality of this song emerges.

The message: Can we stop fighting?

I think we can.

More music, less emotionally armor. Misunderstood emotions. Is war.



‘CONFUSED PORN’ BY InfinitE Bisous (?)



Let us ease into this together, slowly.

CONFUSED PORN really is the best name for a track and a lot of life situations, I gather. And most porn truly is, confusing. But there is nothing but clarity here.

For 1:54 seconds the enigma and sexy soul brother/sista that is INFINITE BISOUS pulses through our thoughts in a slick and savvy bass-line that murmurs the promise of kisses in its sweet undulations. There is no escaping the flirtatious feelings that arise from listening to this.

My imagination hopes he drives a convertible. My Facebook reality states otherwise, as on the band page of INFINITE BISOUS we are informed that the (male? female?) performer is 9 years old.

Does this person sound 9 years old to you?

Did you know  that all it takes is ONE sexy song to get you in the mood for infinite cuddles with the person you love?

Did you know that what we perceive to be reality is actually an infinitely small fraction of the visible and audible universe?

Did you know God is in actuality measurable as a really high range of  super sonic frequencies?

I think of God as mixture of everything I have ever seen and a everything I have yet to see.

Here’s something beautiful you are yet to hear.






Toaster Music [8]  Infinitely Finite Infinite Edition closes on a sweet sweet note. With 3 distinctly bright bright stars.

The Sun.

Alec Grefe – the shining soul singing here.

And the hidden sun behind every heart that waits for you to think about it for it to light up.

We are kindly reminded of the infinitely giving natural phenomena we call the Sun. With its healing and vitalizing light it moves in and around and through every living creature on this planet. Celebrated joyfully here by Alec’s modestly limber vocals, in a neatly strummed masterpiece that is anthemic in its positivity.

I could build an island just to play this song once while the sun rises.

The isle of Bandcamp….YARRRRRR where treasures like these are sought and found by your dedicated toasty correspondent at her Dingy Duties, gladly. When I run into a voice like this and sit confident in the fact, that the purity of humanity will reign supreme soon and bring in a new sun, brighter than anything we have ever seen…because we would have all learned infinite love by being infinitely patient, by being infinitely forgiving and just with our efforts, by expressing gratitude infinitely… especially for music like this… and allowing something smarter to take infinite care of the rest.

The rest.

Sleep soundly and wake softly.

A final word, take it away Raymond Charles Barker and your “Barkerisms”

We are here consciously. We are everywhere subconsciously.

Truth is infinitely stranger than fiction.

Until the next time this happens with a +1 to 8 (when 8 lies down to rest, it is infinite in its splendor) …


Toaster Music [7]


A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess

Hello :)

This is Toaster Music [7] DIRECT FROM HEAVEN, coming to you live from Brooklyn Fire Proof, where you are always welcome to pull up a chair and enjoy the overflowing warmth and kindness of the hyper-talented staff here.


This is the perk of living in Bushwick – being inextricably surrounded by the most interesting people in the world.  Musicians, artists, writers, poets, dreamers and schemers all gathering here temporarily to create beautiful things with a pronounced intent to enlighten and uplift others. There is a generosity and unity of spirit here that is unparalleled. People of every ethnicity and every religion, saints and crooks, rich and poor – all living together in perfect harmony – which I am convinced is the natural destination of the entire planet. This is the future.

Margot Bird‘s smile is a sure indicator of the energy here in Brooklyn today. Beaming. This is the zygotic evidence of a new Heaven blooming on a constantly evolving Earth. She is a visual artist.

“What in the world does visual art have to do with music?” – you may be thinking.

Well, let me allow the “The Secret Science of Numerology: The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters” to break it down for us one time.

Sound is produced by the vibrations of a body and is audible if the frequency lies between 20 and 20,000 vibrations per second. Loudness depends on the extent to which the sounding body vibrates.

Color is simply a different rate of vibration in another octave.  The color of an object depends on the wavelength it reflects. Beyond the violet vibration the oscillation is so minute and rapid that it can interpenetrate solids, so we cannot see any further colors. The principles that govern music apply to the vibratory rate of colors and the same ratio exists between colors of a spectrum as between notes on the musical scale.

In fact, it was Sir Isaac Newton, who first discovered the dispersion of white light into the prism of (there’s our number!) colors and assigned each of them a musical tone.

Red : C

Orange : D

Yellow: E

Green: F

Blue: G

Indigo: A

Violet: B

It seems apt to quote Professor Jagadish Chandra Bose of Calcutta as I enjoy the tastiest curry soup my stomach has ever encountered (once more, every organ in my being sings in harmony – “thank you Brooklyn Fireproof!”)

not only are the chemical compounds [of color, sound and vibration] the same, but the same infinitesimal invisible lives compose the atoms of the bodies of the mountain and the daisy, of man and the ant, of the elephant and of the tree which shelters it from the sun. Each particle, whether you call it organic or inorganic, is life

And with that, let us breathe life into our ears with 3 heavenly tunes. All designed to soothe and elevate the listener. Get your wings ready for some upward flapping motions!

And AWAY  we go!


‘Ground Glass’ BY FOXES IN FICTION & Benoît Pioulard PIOULARD (Brooklyn, NY) & (Seattle, WA)


We are ushered in by a light house, it would seem.

“I couldn’t see myself in the mirror”, utters a muffled female voice. Behind her words, a soft mesh of guitars interplay and build gently, enveloping our synapses in a serene blanket of sound. The ocean of tones we are suspended in together part momentarily to make room for one of the most enigmatic and tender voices ever to appear on the surface of this blue-green diamond of a planet.

Thomas Meluch guides us through a major lift, separating the light from dark and the right from wrong in one sweet song. Thank you so much for joining melodic forces with fellow genius Warren Hildebrand for this moment in time. There is something overwhelmingly therapeutic about everything the two of you create separately and together – somehow, it amplifies the mystery of your individualities. Something brighter than usual, something bluer than expected – this is the truth of at the tip of the trip that is GROUND GLASS. Unsurpassed in elegance, this is a love song from the deepest depths. .

Please help one half of this talented duo go on tour and build a studio. It is really the least we can do in this day and age. As much as I whole-heartedly support the DIY scene, some aspects of it deserve inspection. The internet undeniably caused a downgrade in the value of our musical products, if you compare the profitability of single sales from the 1980s to that of 2013. As much as I regret to say it, The Big Bosses in suits over at the large slick firms were right about something. Listening to music without paying for it is a form of theft. After all, music is an invisible commodity with a real value. If I want coffee, I pay a dollar. If I want to listen to Grizzly Bear’s new record, I can stream it. Something a bit off in that equation I would have to say. Given the availability and listenability online, why buy the cow if you are getting the milk for free? (wise words from my father, regarding an entirely other saturated market, dating!)

The point being – musicians are providing a valuable invisible product that is also a service. Musicians heal our Souls. Especially ones like Foxes in Fiction and Benoit Pioulard. As a result of this reality, I feel it is our responsibility as musicians and lovers of music to support one another more proactively.

Instead of buying cigarettes – Buy a Vinyl :) Or several downloads.

I have made a personal pact, to support 3 musicians a week somehow. Either buying their music or going to a show.

On that note – if you are in Brooklyn this month be sure to set time aside in your calendar to watch Warren perform live as Foxes In Fiction on February 10th @ Glasslands. It is sure to be a spiritually uplifting and positive experience. If you are entertained by the notion of being sensorily stimulated by a highly intelligent being, this would be a good way to spend your evening. Also, you will be in the company of myself, who will be dressed like a pineapple.


Dingus Reader Invite HERE.





Onwards in our heavenly adventures, we come upon a vast field.

We sit and soon hear the sweet tones conversing between our ears. There is an agreement and a dance underway. There is nothing but openness and opportunity. There is a freedom in language and a liberation of thought. There is real music.

A distant voice comes in to share some words. Whispering almost. There is no need to shout here. There is no need to yell. We can all hear quite well. And heal quite well, if given the space and time and love to do all those things we thought were so important. But at the end of the day, we all just want someone who loves us to tell us we’re great and the light of sun in our faces, glistening in gratitude and in appreciation for the temporary state of affairs we call this life.

These are the truths that come forward while listening to Aviv Cohn delicately attempt to reach our hearts, ever so slightly reminding us that the good in the world will ultimately overcome the dark. That there is actually no darkness, just various movements towards the light.

After it rained…I suspect the sun came out soon after.


‘Singing Statues’ BY PERSIAN PRINCE  (united kingdom)



There is a thick synthesizer filling up the inner cavities of my minds recesses. The magic happens when simplicity intersects eloquence in pitch. There is a clarity to every sound employed in this track, echoing a passage of industry or the nostalgia  we feel when looking at the dust on an outdated machine. It is a mixture of sadness and joy. There is a yearning and its opposite, a calling.

The monastic like voices that drift in and around SINGING STATUES, resonate and reverberate a particularly warm signal. The sounds are sparse yet dense. As we move along in the song, there is a feeling of exploration. I imagine a scene in a sci-fi movie where a team of highly-trained astronauts are looking for life on another planet. They are a super species that have eternal youth and have been searching for something for eons. And now, after many many many millions of light years, they finally approach a brilliant white star. The destination. The goal.

And we all know that the  journey has to have a glowing ending after all.

There is life on Mars.

There is life on Jupiter.

There is life wherever life looks for it and wishes it to be.

Imagination is the mother of the idea. In the dark of the night before the day has risen, everything you ever wanted to know is given to you. If you stay awake while you sleep and watch yourself fall into your dreams, there is a moment before you are completely gone into the other world, where you look back at the pictures in your world.

The events of the day. The people. The scenes.

Where is it all going?

Only you can decide what your point is.

My point right now is to be the happiest and nicest person I can be.

It seems to happen if I breathe more deeply and quietly.

Music helps.

I leave you with few words from an enlightened man who saw the end and knew the beginning. His name is Cyril Scott and in the last chapter of his book MUSIC: ITS SECRET INFLUENCE THROUGHOUT THE AGES he writes:

To this end, at the close of the century will the great World Teacher come again, to inspire, to construct, to ‘make all things new.’ And it will be for music, by creating harmony within Man’s subtler bodies, to make ready for and facilitate his advent. So far, with our earthly music we have only been able to imitate the faintest echo of the Music of the Spheres, but in the future it will be given us to swell the great Cosmic Symphony. In that un-imaginable Unity-Song is the synthesis of Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Joy, and when Man shall have heard it upon earth become imbued with its divine influence, he will attain the eternal consciousness of all these attributes.

We’re right on track it seems!

Until next week. @ToasterMusicbk

Toaster Music [6]


A triadic selection of mellow-electro dreamscapes,

brought to you by a tiny Arabian Princess


Hello there dreamers.

This is very very toasty edition of Toaster Music to balance out “The Hawk,” as it’s known in New York City: that gust of chilly wind blowing sharply from the river right onto our semi-crystalized cheeks and noses. Be Ye now prepared for an artistic wave of warmth brought to you by the tiniest Dinger at Dingus! :D

In celebration of the sexy-sounding number 6 as this is the Sixth issue of Toaster Music. 6: whose intrinsic vibration, according to The Secret Science of Numerlogy, The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters, is that of the home, family and service. 6 – Curving into itself, with a silhouette vaguely resembling a pregnant lady. Let us observe further:

2+0+1+3 =  6

Aha. 6 also happens to be this year’s official numerical mascot!

Also, everybody has 6 sides : above, below, front, back, left and right.

And with our 6 angled selves and multidimensional spiritual planes of reality intersecting on one Earthly terrain, together we form a curious collection of physically encased sensory souls. Uniquely shaped, endowed with odd and interesting little bits and bobs, interlocking when the moment is right. And oh my, when the love shared is true and the spirit is high: heaven. We are drawn to another mysteriously and meet temporarily to learn how to love infinitely better. And it’s always getting better. That is the sexiest law in the universe.

 “cast thy bread upon the water and it shall return multiplied” 

Sex is basically the law of multiplication. Love is highly into itself and loves duplicating using our image and dreams as its inspiration. We aspire to inspire. If we are intelligent, imagine the intelligence in the thing created intelligence itself? And if we are learning to love, imagine where that infinite lesson is coming from and how immensely it must love us and want us all to bloom?

Sex and music have a lot in common both are euphoric expressive explosions of love organized into orderly patterns to create a more intelligent and beautiful versions of itself.


It makes my heart flutter.

Here are this week’s musical outbursts of love in sexy sonic bites.


‘Delicatessen’ BY A.M ARchitect   (BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS)3751822933-1


Press play and ready yourself for a state of subdued extended eargasm.

This song makes me want to touch things more gently. Talk softly. And love loudly, in the silence of day-break.

Right now, ‘Delicatessen‘ invites us into the soothing sounds of two men working to unleash a stream of sensuality from their souls straight into ours. It is working.

I feel nourished.

Argued with someone? Feeling unsettled? Forgotten where your center is?

Allow this lush rhythmic section make its lush presence very felt by your insides. There is no reason to feel down here. Nope. And there is absolutely no escaping the urge to groove with your bum buddy! Move that pelvic region ever so slightly and sway a little. Let your inner muscles do the dancing! The beat here seems to be moving forwards and backwards at the same time! Did they just include harps in here?

My solar plexus is glowing.

I am a bundle of excited nerves sending love in the direction of A.M. ARCHITECT.

The gifted culprits of this heightened musical experience are Daniel Stanush and Diego Chavez. They unlocked a part of my literary consciousness that remembers what being touched by someone I love feels like. What kind of process was involved in waking such intimate feelings inside me?! Blushing, I research and find this explanation in A.M ARCHITECT‘s own words:

“Guitar layers and electric piano are broken apart, rebuilt and spread over a rhythm section that fuses hip-hop and beat music. Daniel describes their process, ‘We’ll record ideas really quickly, some piano, bass, guitar – and then immediately flip it into something new. Then we’ll record more ideas on top of it and flip it again, often ending up with 5 or 6 different compositions from the same source material. Some of those ideas spin off to become new songs, so the process tends to start over. That’s how we made Pattern Language.’” 

I am one to both Like and buy this album, as soon as it enters the vital musical circulatory system that is Bandcamp.

Let the festivities continue!


‘Full Circles’ BY QUEEN LEAF [FEAT. LOW LEAF]   (Los Angeles, California)


Please, come in.

Turn the lights down low.

Oh Sasha, beloved Dingus editor who is editing (editor who is editing? Check out my genius in full swing!) this right now, diligently correcting my wonky grammar choices and sexily supporting the entire staff with her limitless patience) – please pass the champagne and let us commence to fight with feather pillows in silk nightgowns in slow motion.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet – meet a sexy series of leaves. QUEEN LEAF here, coming to take you deep into the reaches of inner space. The inside of the inside. Joining forces with the production genius of Portland-born production/musical virtuoso Joseph Craig, LOW LEAF, the vocalist featured on the track, tenderly guides us through and around a mystical maze of electro-swirls with her punchy sensual performance. Leave it up to them to give us 6:24 seconds of sweet cerebral surrender.

Percussive elements trickle in like electronically charged raindrops, while the sparsely scattered synths moving us into a perfect, pristine and private creative space. Behind the scenes, a poly-rhythmic panoramic sound-scape emerges. This what I imagine our inner world sounds like. Our blood vessels, zipping through from cell to cell. Here we are moving along the highways of our delicate spiritual ecosystem.

‘Full Circles’ brings you back home, with great sensitivity and care.

Can you believe I know this person? Long live PNCA and Portland. The gifted souls it brought into my world! Gratitude, as eternal as the beauty in this track.

Special thanks to Low Leaf for her unique melodic expression, which bridges the realms of percussion and poetry in a singular breath. This is a woman who certainly understands the power of a well uttered sound :)

Queen Leaf for life Like!

Low Leaf supreme vocal flight Like!


‘PINKWOOD’ by iDIOT GLEE   (Lexington, KY)




This is one of those things I had to keep repeating to fully believe it happened between my ears. Did those synths just sound like musical imitations of the happiest puppies you have ever heard?

Uh oh. This is some serious frolicking music.


Apologies. I am hyperventilating. Because, yes. This is really happening. This is his voice. There is a man out there, buying his groceries and doing his laundry – and he had just written this incredibly tasty track, summoning a lover.

I imagine the difficulty landing one after this song took about … mmm 6 minutes?

There is a mature cuteness in this song. Every twist and turn, within the respectable confines of a meticulously constructed pop ditty, is loaded with originality. The vocal delivery is captivatingly enigmatic and confident.

Anyone else seeing a field of bunnies decorated with a rainbow and young lovers running towards each other about to meet for their first kiss?

A warm piece of butter toast and a heartfelt Like in the direction of IDIOT GLEE. He just made a music lover out of me.

In closing I leave you with an opening, a few lines from  Chapter 6 (yep, still here until 7) from the book Theurogy or The Hermetic Practice; A Treatise On Spiritual Alchemy:

BUT to return to our Therapeuts, Philo states that their aim was to arouse in themselves what he terms “that most indispensable of the senses. I mean not bodily sight, but that of the Soul, whereby truth and falsity are distinguished…Let the race of Therapeutae, being continually taught to see, aim at the vision of Reality, and pass by the Sun visible to sense.”

See with new eyes. Hear with new ears. @ToasterMusicbk