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Zipacón [Anthony Naples] (Best New Music)

artworks-000084123059-ih6imv-t500x500Zipacón by Anthony Naples   (New York, New York)

“Every once in a while an artist comes along who defines a generation. Who defies the status quo. Who breaks down boundaries and pushes the limitations of what we thought “could be”. Anthony Naples is that artist.”

- Andrew’s Grandfather

A Thank You Letter from our Founder

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Dear Readers,

Yes, I still have my Christmas tree up, and yes, it’s wearing a Santa hat… at this point I don’t see why I would take it down… Anyway:

This has been a journey. A little over three years ago (I think) I started this music blog with the intention of finding those on Bandcamp and Soundcloud who stood up to the major music sphere (Oliver Ignatius and I used to call it “Bedroom Soul”).

I never thought anyone would read it, I never thought anyone would respect it. But thanks to you, the culturally intent reader, the reader who remains on the cusp of creative integrity, on the freshest cull of media, Dingus has seen great success. We’ve been named the #1 most influential music blog in NYC by the Red Bull Music Academy’s print publication and listed in the top 100 most influential music blogs in the world. We have not achieved this by getting millions of clicks, on the contrary, Dingus remains one of the music industry’s best kept secrets. So, amidst the constant stream of posts, I’d like to take the time to thank you: those who have supported us when we struggled (Freecandy family/Muchmore’s), the major label execs who poach bands from our site, the local show hosts who find their next hot performers here, and the reader at home who knows that Dingus, no matter how big or small, will always bring you meaningful content before any other blog knows what’s up.

Thank you for keeping us humble, for keeping us personal, and for keeping us real. We love this niche online community that you’ve helped us build. Don’t tell your friends.

Be sure to support us on Facebook and Twitter because it helps us feel special. Fuck the system. Which system? Any system.


Andrew (@Dingusonmusic)

(Here’s a video of my friend’s dog trying to hump my arm)

jk bb [ONWE] (Best New Music)



God Made Lana Del Rey [Jessica Chase] (Best New Music)

artworks-000087215826-mxc9nc-t500x500‘God Made Lana Del Rey’ by Jessica Chase   (Toronto, Canada)

When I began writing this, I was going to do it in those all bold capital letters that I do when I want to just be brief and pretend like I’m witty. But then I started writing and way too much came out.

1. Too many pretty girls who put their pretty face on the cover of their album write shitty music and then try to make it based on their looks. We already have enough pretty singers who are adored by the world for all the wrong reasons.

2. This is sort of the point of this song, I think, because not only is thinking that God made anything as taboo as incest to anyone living outside the Bible Belt (where incest is probably cool), but to think that he made the most Godless things in society is disturbingly deep.

3. The final resonation is within the words “God didn’t make me”- addressing the disappointed disposition that many musicians have as they look at those who have achieved critical success reproducing the norm. Because clearly God would have to be on their side (and not yours) to allow an industry based not on “talent” but “who you know” to grant them favor. @Dingusonmusic (Photo by Lanna Mur)

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.16.26 PM

Salt Cathedral (That’s Deep with Patrick Kernan)


Fellow men, have you ever heard a female vocalist on a track, and thought to yourself, “I bet she is so hot”, only to find out that you were completely wrong? Me neither. That never happens. They’re always so hot. 

Now, Patrick, you have to somehow manage to continue writing this review and not come off like a creep. Oh no… is it too late? Creep status achieved. Ugh. Here goes nothing…

The “Brooklyn via Columbia” band, Salt Cathedral, has been making its mark on the scene consistently since its beginnings. Artists in every aspect of the word, even their album art becomes a topic of conversation among fans. Recently released single, “Holy Soul” in no way lacks evidence of their artistry. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 5.04.19 PM

Lead singer, Juliana Ronderos (I swear I’m not creepy) has undoubtably come into her own on this track, and her bandmates haven’t failed in this either. A true musician understands when to leave room for another musician, and allow them showcase. An even truer musician knows how to bend this rule for contrast. Salt Cathedral has proven to be members of the “truer” range. “Holy Soul” begins with a definite “showcase” of Ronderos’ beautiful voice (I’m really not a creep). Throughout the track however, ambient tones all but envelope her perfect angelic sounds (Wait, am I creep?). They only just allow the synth mix to max out with the vocals in front. With lyrics suggesting forgetting, fading away, also with “under water” as imagery, it is interesting to consider that the mix was intended to further the concepts behind the song offering less direct feelings of distance, loss, and memory lapse. Personally, I feared the loss of my love’s vocals to the ambiance, and felt strongly the yearning they may be aiming to convey. I was so relieved to not have lost her (Okay, fine. I’m a creep. So what?). Patrick Kernan

Like the downer b-side to a party that never happened – Afterglow (Best New Music)

a3543968137_10Afterglow by Treehaus   (New York, New York)

Like the downer b-side to a party that never happened,”Clouds,” the teaser track from Treehaus’ new album Afterglow, swells and stutters. unsure what to make of the sleepy dark side streets he walked alone home from a club he never went to. Maybe the music was too loud and she didn’t hear me say I was leaving, he pines from the bed he never left about the girl he never met. Start and stop drums rattlesnake like a nervous tic. The walls of the track warble. His fragile psyche pitch bends unbalanced. Where did it go wrong? Did anyone even notice? @hiv_aidz


Vandana Jain to Play Live at Highline Ballroom + Offers Free Download


Having released her extraordinary debut full-length album “Anti Venus” this past November, electronic sound architect and vocalist Vandana Jain offers a free download of her lead single “Ecstatic.”  as a thank you to her fans.  The most efficient way to access the track is to Like her Facebook Page.  There you will find a speedy download app.

That track is a revelation, as it emphasizes distant percussive mechanical clicks and whirrs recreating sci-fi atmospheres first touched on in the mid 1970’s via Pink Floyd’s “Welcome To The Machine.”  Dark foreboding (yet warm) analog synth notes pulse and rise from distant ethereal mists. Recorded at Jain’s home studio, inspiration came in part by delving into Henry Miller’s classic novel “Tropic of Cancer,” and its embrace of “the grip of delirium.”  “You freak – you make me ecstatic” becomes the central single line vocal hook. All semblance of repetitive listener fatigue is non-existent, however by virtue of varied intonated emphasis throughout each recitation.

Additional Anti Venus tracks like “Claw” are less instrumentally dense, allowing more space for expressive vocals.  With a style reminiscent of Kate Bush’s penultimate work combined with the modern deeper vocal textures of British pop vocalist Sophie Ellis Bextor, Ms. Jain’s voice becomes an instantly appealing force.   While “Mask” is recurrently stark and minimal in places, the overall effect sounds incredibly big.  Her seductive vocal delivery (and placement) makes for a delightful headphone listening experience.  The subject matter focuses on the “mask” we all put on every day to function.  Molded to each of our points of view – which are often deceptive.  Frequently presenting a “wicked smile” that can be “crooked and sideways” or “misleading.” Ultimately the mask will come off when looking in the mirror (because only you are there to see).  This allows for an unguarded conversation with one’s own thoughts.


The live set features analog driven electronic instruments with band members Yusuke Yamamoto and Ryan CaseyVandana Jain will be performing live on July 30 at the Highline Ballroom as part of Den Entertainment’s 2-Year Anniversary showcase called SHE.  Also appearing will be Arooj Aftab, Lily Virginia, Janelle Kroll, and between set DJ SoDabu.  Tickets can be purchased here


Force Publique still has all the marks of an Aural Sects releases while pushing for an organization rarely seen amongst its peers (Best New Music)

a1761711949_10Pure EP by Force Publique   (Denver, Colorado) *

Among all my favorite Aural Sects releases, the Pure EP by Force Publique comes with a unique organization that is often lacking on the labels releases. Not to say that this organization is a plus or minus, rather that it stands apart from the chaotic atmosphere that usually comes rolling off the pages of Aural Sects.  Now, this might, at first, seem like a contradiction away from the progressive nature of the netlabel; remember that a return to form never signified a lack of experimentation. And for every melody sitting at the front, there is a backbone that’s twisting in all the same sick ways. (Free Download@Dingusonmusic


4Knots Live – Radkey

This past Saturday (July 12) was about as perfect a day for an outdoor music festival as you can get. Although there were a number of events happening on this day, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than the 4Knots Fest at South Street Seaport.


In addition to monstrous headliners Dinosaur Jr, a number of emerging artists just beginning to make a name for themselves appeared early on that afternoon.


One such band to impress was the three piece brother act from St. Joseph, Missouri called Radkey.


Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon are all self-taught musicians who are still teenagers.


They point towards bands like the Misfits (who’s Danzig-like vocals very much reflect their own) as well as classic punk and rock bands like the Ramones and Who as inspiration.





Check out their song ‘Cat and Mouse’



If you Disagree with the Dissonance in Fist of the First Man, Get Back to your Rave (Best New Music)

a1010755229_10Fist of the First Man by Fist of the First Man   (United Kingdom) *

This is the reason you read Dingus. I’m just letting you know right now before we get started. Fist of the First Man might or might not be a Game of Thrones reference. Doesn’t matter.

Fist of the First Man embodies everything lost in modern music that once made music so… human. So much of it recalls old Four Tet, like the drums that might first seem to sloppy to place themselves but ultimately end up driving the track home. In a music culture where “the album is dead and the playlist is the future” (to quote a blog who’s name I cant, or maybe refuse, to remember) the self titled release from FoftheFM captures the imagination by allowing the natural ebb of the music to guide the transaction rather than forcing the “hook”, ultimately giving life to its melody through the album, which apparently is dead. If you don’t hear this music saying “fuck the hook” than you’re not listening hard enough and once again Dingus is ahead of you so catch up. If you aren’t patient enough to wait for the payoff than just click to the next post anyway you ameba. If you disagree with the slight dissonance that ultimately puts these tracks above anything else I’ve heard in weeks, you are beyond redemption, get back to your rave. @Dingusonmusic