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EP premiere: water [WATER]

The water has no more fishes, everyone. This is not a political message, it’s the state of our collective mental health here in Brooklyn. We are all alone now and we can only blame ourselves. Water, a 3-piece power/pop/psych/garage band led by Jack Collins, … Continue reading

dirt ent

[VIDEO] [River City Takeover] Vol 2: MIR – ILLEGAL off new release DIRT ENT + !!TOUR INFO!!

100000x shouts and credit to the video crew at Louis Quatorze MIR doesn’t give a fuck. MIR unleashes tidal waves of horror sounds destined to flatten your city. MIR is not the future, MIR is now and forever.  Check out … Continue reading

dbs heaven

[VIDEO + ALBUM] [River City Takeover] Vol 1: Ciej the Moment

With a quick look back at the introductory piece that set this project into motion, I suggested that the essential business of DIY music is that it clears a space in our worlds for genuine surprise.  It always comes at … Continue reading


[River City Takeover] Wut: DIY? STL?

  **QUALIFICATION:  WORDY AND DENSE AND DUMB.  READ ONLY LIKE THE LAST 2 PARAGRAPHS IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT WORDS** Here we go… Events that give to us music deserving of the designation ‘new’, by which I’m referring to the DIY … Continue reading

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Best New Single: Underground [Treehaus]

[New York, New York] ‘Underground’ by Treehaus (Moving Castle) We missed the boat on the premiere of the latest Treehaus track via the at large Moving Castle SoundCloud page. But every time we have the privilege of covering one of Josh Jacobson’s … Continue reading

Best New Music: Get It Together [GLOVES]

[Austin, Texas] Get It Together by GLOVES Black turtlenecks, gold chains and an incredibly jazzy sensibility applied to a barrage of harsh guitar noise, moans, cries, and shouts; it’s the shrieks of Tex-Ass’s newest golden boys, GLOVES. If the world has you convinced … Continue reading

Best New Video: Sleep Deprived [Robot Death Kites]

In the official video for the track ‘Sleep Deprived,’ Robot Death Kites frontman comes undone. Writhing around in an absolute shithole of an apartment, stained mattress on the ground and bugs on the walls, it’s a manic hallucination a la Martin Sheen’s … Continue reading

Best New Music: Bueller [Jay Wirth]

[Scranton, Pennsylvania] Bueller by Jay Wirth Jay Wirth is not about the flashing lights of modern production. Some, not all, but some would look down upon the sparkling audio we find behind today’s hip-hop as a distraction from the poetry that … Continue reading

Best New Music: TL;DR [T0w3rs]

[Raleigh, North Carolina] TL;DR by T0w3rs The year was 2011 when we first heard T0w3rs. I was thoroughly impressed then, as I am thoroughly impressed now. Since the ‘Summertime’ cover, Derek Torres has released release after release, not too much, … Continue reading

The 5 Most Overlooked DIY Albums of 2014

   There were too many great albums/ep’s released in 2014, making it very difficult to choose my five favorites. Instead, I’ve decided to list my five favorite DIY records of 2014 that I thought were the most overlooked. If you … Continue reading


Best New Music: WOE [NAH]

[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] WOE by NAH WOE by NAH NAH is a Philly-based alternative hip-hop project which seems pretty intent on weirding you out. Pretty much everything I can find on their bandcamp is free to download, so naturally I went … Continue reading

The Best 13 DIY Albums of 2014

   2014. And now it’s almost over. Here’s what stood out to the Dingus fam, in no particular order. The albums that made us shiver. The albums that made us proud to do what we do. ******************************************** self-titled by The … Continue reading

Best New Music: GOODHEARTS EP [Tim Fitz]

GOODHEARTS EP by Tim Fitz   (Sydney, Australia) GOODHEARTS EP by Tim Fitz “Gimme some love, gimme some love, gimme some love, gimme some love” Tim Fitz has a long history here on Dingus of being prolific, profound, and popped. … Continue reading


The Dildo Indigo Youth Compilation Vol. 3 by Various Artists   (New York City) I work hard. We work hard. FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE “Every single day, I get up at 5:30am, go a regular job, make money and pay … Continue reading

Snob Rock [Ben Wash] (Best New Music)

Snob Rock by Ben Wash   (Miami Beach, Florida)    Are you looking for an album to make terrible decisions to? Something to play while you fuck that thot that you know is about to unload whole new set of … Continue reading

Let’s Get Physical: Ben Seretan (Best New Music)

Ben Seretan by Ben Seretan   (New York, New York) Ben Seretan by Ben Seretan Rock is not dead. About two weeks ago I received, in the good old fashion physical mail, a beautiful copy of a beautiful record by … Continue reading