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K.Flay and Danny Brown Caught Me by Surprise While Sitting on the Toilet (Best New Music)

artworks-000054546107-o5r6hh-t500x500‘Hail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)’ by K.Flay   (San Francisco, California) *

Right now I’m sitting on the toilet taking a shit with the warmth of my computer heating my balls. I think I’m going to sit here for a few more minutes while I dig through K.Flay’s new tracks because when we first featured her here on Dingus, her album was called Mashed Potatoes and she certainly didn’t have a million Soundcloud subscribers. Now she’s got Danny Brown on her tracks, an artists rooted in DIY in his own special way. Maybe we’ll see her at Afropunk this year. This girls reminds me that I need to be saying “balls deep” far more often. Balls deep bro. [Free Download@Dingusonmusic

Panamanian Times Holds Buckets of Water at the Top of the Mountain and Still Confuses Me to Death (Best New Music)

a4018131926_10Panamanian Times by Mothers   (Brooklyn, New York) *

James Murphy talks on tracks. So do Mothers. “Sunday visit my dad, he has extra skin on his elbows.” The overt mundane nature of some tracks on Panamanian Times is exactly what makes it so damn crunchy. “I don’t get paid to think, you don’t get paid to think, don’t touch that phone, my whole life’s on that phone.” I mean come on, it really doesn’t get more approachable than that. And while these tracks often come across completely random and assorted, you can find profound thought within their simple approach toward life and music. Talk, talk, talk, Mothers keep talking- and often mumble. @Dingusonmusic


PantherZZ {Thief!}

a2968813109_10PantherZZ by Thief!   (Canada)

This is easily going on my best of 2014 list when the time comes for it. I was so overwhelmingly impressed by PantherZZ and rightfully so. Thief! have recorded an old school punk album for 2014 and for the love of pete, I can’t stop listening to it. This is an album you put on at parties to impress your friends, to show off how cool you are because if you’re listening to this, you are very cool. I would like to point out the album art and how crazy badass it is. Coming from someone who spends her days sifting through countless hours of music, I can honestly say that good album art should never go unnoticed. Especially since most “album art” these days just looks like a filtered Instagram picture. Thief!, come spend some time in Brooklyn, we’d love to have you here. @LeahDingus

The End EP {Beach Heart}

a1292380478_10The End EP by Beach Heart   (Louisville, Kentucky)

Beach Heart had me in a daze for a better half of the day. Whenever The End EP would finish, I would just make it play again and again. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the dream pop, shoegaze landscape that was set out in front of me. This is a lush, beautiful EP and we truly aren’t worthy of the genius of it. Its equal parts simple and equal parts complicated, its Summer and Winter, its absolutely everything you want it to be. Something this touching and this heartfelt deserves the highest recognition and I can only hope it gets into the ears of everyone it needs to. @LeahDingus

Electric Balloon {Ava Luna} (Best New Music)

a0728303787_10Electric Balloon by Ava Luna   (Brooklyn, New York)

Ava Luna you make me shit my pants with happiness. That’s all I have to say that’s productive. @Dingusonmusic

Devils Rope EP {New Desert Blues}

artworks-000068487494-2pgjc8-t500x500Devils Rope EP by New Desert Blues   (South Coast, UK)

I believe after I write this post, I’ll have to call it quits for the day, I just don’t see how I can possibly top this EP. New Desert Blues have blown me away with Devils Rope, I am sitting in awe at the beauty that is echoing into my apartment. Its nearly impossible for me to do two things at once, I feel I can’t do this album justice if I don’t sit and listen to its entirety before I type any words. The harmonies and sweeping landscape that gets painted into your mind is almost too much to bear, you’re overtaken and its captivating. New Desert Blues have successfully taken over my morning and I am thoroughly enjoying it. @LeahDingus

No Mercy/Loveletting {Sons of an Illustrious Father} (Best New Music)

artworks-000067030724-q2bjdg-t500x500No Mercy/Loveletting by Sons of an Illustrious Father   (Brooklyn, New York)

I mean O-M-G, Sons of an Illustrious Father is B-A-C-K and I squeal with excitement. Listen: Here we see growth. Listen: Here we see an ancient mysticism in tandem with an intimidating modern condition, and so on. And so on. I’m pretty sure I listened to this double track backwards having heard ‘Loveletting’ first, but I do as I please. “I WANT TO SEE BLOOD” I do. There’s never been any problem relating to this bands insanity. Vocal leads blend the line between tantrum and disturbed preacher, between quack professor and corner store vendor. Despite what you might think (and you’re fucking wrong) there is nothing about this that relates to any time period except 2014. Don’t worry, I apologize for your misunderstanding. But just because a band plays acoustic instruments does not mean it’s summoning the past- because as I listen to these tracks, it does anything but. It prompts the future of music, of the band, of the artists within. The struggle is real. And so on. Sons of an Illustrious Father comes splashing back like a fat kid jumping into a kiddie pool, impossible to ignore. And so on. Life and music continue, though they stood still, here, for a moment. @Dingusonmusic “I’m lying to myself, what would you do?”


Sirs&Madams EP {Sirs&Madams} (Best New Music)

1779104_439480016155793_1531461394_nSirs&Madams EP by Sirs&Madams   (Brooklyn, New York) *

I’ve been waiting for ever. Fuck you Riley. Finally Sirs&Madams puts out their debut EP- of course, while I’m offline. Well whatever. This is rock done and done and done. I’m tired of comparing things to eachother so I’ll just praise the shit out of it. This is me praising the shit out of it. Thoughtful, melodic and intuitive- there are three random words that might entice you to listen to a band that has fifteen followers on Soundcloud. Which only proves that we better find life on other planets soon because we’re running out of fans for all the insane music that I’m finding these days.  This is my SHIIIIIIIT son. Give them yo $4@Dingusonmusic


Leah’s Top 10 Albums Of 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.31.04 PM

It’s that time again! It seems so strange to be writing another top 10 list but, 2013 is nearly over and it’s been a great year for music. Being able to share some of the worlds greatest music with all of our readers is a privilege that I hold near and dear to my heart and I hope to be doing this for the next 30 years. I hope you’ve all had a great year, here’s some of the best music of 2013 to help get you situated in the big ’14. @LeahDingus



SandCastle have been one of my favorite DIY groups since I started writing for Dingus and they continue to deliver with each release. Kisses For Witches is the bands second release and it comes in at number 10 on my list.



Happy Lives continue to be one of my favorite local bands. Their shows are always fun and I constantly look forward to hearing their new releases. Happy Lives never stop surprising me and I am very much looking forward to seeing whats in store for 2014.



Stereoscopy are a band I reviewed more recently but they have quickly captured my heart and oh, oh I love them so. They bring a new wave/synthy sound that will make your foot tap for eternity.



Hollow & Akimbo are another band I have been following since day 1. 2013 birthed the release of Pseudoscience, a post-rock wonderland that will leave your ears in awe. I genuinely wish the best for Hollow & Akimbo, nothing would make me happier then to see their faces on the cover of Rolling Stone. I want the best for all of the acts mentioned on Dingus but H&A are one of my favorites, I’m really pulling for them.



One thing I love about making these lists is remembering the standout tracks that really made my head spin. Coastal Cities delivered ‘Entropic’ and it was easily my go to song for the summer. It’s pop, it’s fun, you don’t need much more than that.



Time to round out the final 5 and we’re starting with Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, another local Brooklyn band. Just try not to go crazy when ‘It’s On’ starts playing, it’s impossible. TGSM were another one of my favorite summertime bands, perhaps I’ll play them all through the winter and trick my mind into thinking that it’s not THAT cold outside.



Coal Bed Duet brought in some of the best rock and roll of 2013. The Ballad Of Lawrence Wilson is no joke, its raw and rough and rock and roll perfection. This is music The Kinks, The Cramps and even Elvis would be proud of.



Uneven Beats grabbed my attention since the first second I started listening to their music and I haven’t been able to shake ‘em. Their larger than life sound is perfectly suited for large venues and outdoor festivals. Our Wild Love are made for the big time, fingers crossed that they get there soon!



Honduras, what can I say? I remember seeing them for the first time during CMJ 2012 and I’ve loved ‘em ever since. They rose to the top of everyones list this year, becoming one of the most active bands in the Brooklyn music scene and with the way things are going it wouldn’t surprise me if they were signed within the next few months.



The one, the only, Wyldlife, are crowned for #1 album of 2013. The Time Has Come To Rock And Roll is perfect and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you’re a fan of classic punk then this is THE album for you. If you’re sick of dream pop and voice effects then come over to the Wyld side….let me have a moment to make a corny joke. What makes this album so good is its playability. First off, you can understand the lyrics and second, each song is catchier than the last. These boys know how to write music and anytime I see any other band, I’m usually standing there wishing I were seeing Wyldlife.

Honorable Mentions

The following albums may not have made my top 10 list but they well deserve a mention.


Los Flamingos by Indian Rebound   (New York, New York)


Watching Every Channel At Once by Slonk Donkerson   (Brooklyn, New York)


‘Bullet Head’ by Fangclub   (Dublin, Ireland)


‘Be Easy’ by Rumors   (New York, New York)



a0346510349_10PRETTY GOOD by COP FONT   (Chicago, Illinois) *

Heiko Julian can outright attack on a number of mediums, but the rawest and most satisfying efforts of this prodigious character are his sounds.  When listening to this album, Julian’s pop-culture consumption, absorption, will pass fleetingly throughout, while still remaining in touch with his own unique and identifiable bases.  All that is within the realm of this dedicated artist-critic, smooth as he moves through electro trends and non-trends, is in this Cop Font.

His weapon of choice appears to be Logic, an application prone to lack essence due to the commonly staccato formations of the programs’ novice players, his own early work included, a sound he’s left behind, discovering himself in ethereal decay for a more intimate obtrusiveness; a sound that I had always hoped to find in his often well designed lifelessness.  He’s found life here, authentic and panting.

Cop Font’s most recent demo, humbly titled Pretty Good, nonchalantly passing these tracks off as internet fodder, is a high end movement of subtle trick producing and hip hop clipped model pieces.  As if he had been taught to pause for reaction, either in action or conversation, his music finally rebels to allow the room to play a role.  You’re no longer left between key strokes.  If the notes stop pulsing, the room’s still breathing, a vital new element in his more tender moments.  But don’t be so readily lulled: though he’ll break your heart on the tracks that most matter, he’s equally made a headphone party album.

Heiko Julian will keep making music.  He’ll keep writing books.  But with the ease in which this music seems to flow, the sensibilities, and the constant experimentation, I wouldn’t be surprised if very soon something pulls him further in to popular consciouness. [Free Download@teenspleen