Famous Singers With Unique Fashion Style

As we know it the music world will not be separated from the fashion world, even in recent years, the collaboration between music and fashion into a unity that can not be separated, the singer in addition must have a beautiful voice to be heard but also must be interesting in appearance on stage, with there his social media today’s daily appearance of a singer was a concern as a fashion icon.

There are several famous singers who are also a fashion icon because of their unique style:

1. Madonna:
Madonna was very popular on the pop stage in the eighties, by then Madonna had become a fashion icon through Gaultier conical bra, religious epiphanies, a touch of British rose-dom. Madonna always managed to give a new nuance in the fashion world because it seems that as if she always has the best choice of clothes to wear for her every performance.






2. Britney Spears: Britney Spears became famous in the era of the nineties, Britney became a fashion icon in every appearance, although not his first appearance for the fashion world but in 2008, Britney achieved an award and got the call “Bird of Heaven” by Karl Lagerfeld, and continued 2 years later, Britney started her role of being part of fashion designer for Kohl Department Store in United State, Britney introduced its design collections and in 2010 so far.






3. Rihanna: Rihanna is a fashion lover who does her for herself not to gain awards or to be noticed by many people, RI henna is always comfortable with fashion that she thinks is good and comfortable even though according to others looks weird.






4. Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham passes a long way before becoming very successful in the field of fashion, the journey began since becoming a member of Posh Spice, fashion design and hair wigs and glasses collection and his jeans became a trend icon.






Beyonce always gives surprises in every performance and song, Beyonce never worries to style out of the box, Beyonce never hesitate to fight the habit on the red carpet and she always knows how to show off the beauty of her body through the clothes that she wore.






6. Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga speaks while winning the awards CFOA awards, she conveys how important fashion for her life, which makes herself more acquainted with herself, her artistic value and her confidence boost. Since the teenager, she always planned her outfit for a Friday night party as if she were going to attend an Oscar.







7. Justin Bieber: If we look at this time there is a different style of Justin Bieber, usually Justin we know by wearing low jeans and his tank top, but recently he experienced a considerable change in better style. now his style Justin more elegant and very more classy so far.

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