Single Release: Friends Of The Year {Pageantry}

a2585712259_10Friends Of The Year’ by Pageantry   (Denton, Texas)

[bandcamp track=2746510315 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=000000 size=venti]

Pageantry have released a heck of a great single. ‘Friends Of The Year’ is folk pop straight out of Texas and I can see why it has been called “the most promising track to come out of Denton”. Its a sweet track with sweeping math rock qualities sure enough to catch your ear. This is a song for every man, woman and child. @LeahLovecat


2 Responses to Single Release: Friends Of The Year {Pageantry}

  1. Ohhhh, feels like ranch all over my knees.

  2. love this band

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