Nothing 2 Dance 2 [#3]

“Damn son, I found this playing at every festival”

You heard the same trap shit all summer. Your favorite DJ played the same “N**gas in Paris” remix followed by that Munchi track followed by that “Original Don” remix that everyone else spun. Your interest in this dance fad is waning. You can only vibe to this grandiose ghetto imitation for so long… its time to deconstruct.


Coolest send up of the hoover since like, all of Romborama.


“Why is it all labeled ‘trapstep’ tho? Whats trapstep tho?”

I don’t know, because its 140 BPM or something, buzz off! Anyway those were the bones, here’s the meat:


Oh sure, go ahead. Throw dubstep elements into trap beats LIKE IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER. I mean, WHO CARES if we end up with Moombahtrap or Trapwork or Trappy Hardcore. Certainly not ME, the guy who will have to write about all the silliness.


I’m cashing out on this post. Its overdue anyway. Expect a Trappy Hardcore N2D2 in like 6 weeks.  @L0pat0 


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