Memory (Best New Music)

Memory by Ender Belongs to Me   (March 13, 2012) *

Ender Belongs to Me, a new, anonymous, experimental act in the DIY scene, today, released their first official EP, Memory.  In collaboration with label, Crash Symbols, the duo present a limited edition run of cassettes along side a free digital download.  We found, when talking to the band, that the five track EP features three guest vocalists and spans a wide range of musical influences.  The artists, who both go by pseudo-name, Peter Wiggin, say it’s their most pop oriented work yet, is it?  What makes this work so vivid is the contrasting thematic elements, somber music paired with cheerful vocals, plucked instrumentation over elongated atmospheric gestures.  Memory remains tightly wound, as its authors seem, while still managing to escape, at least in imagination, the box.

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