Single: Brooklyn Pop [Heeney]

[New York, New York] ‘Brooklyn Pop’ by Heeney Brooklyn Pop – Single by Heeney Heeney has finally blessed us with a recording. After many re-recordings and mixings, Heeney has released a single from their first full-length album, Colorado. The title … Continue reading

How Lizard Men Raided “Indie” Culture / What is DIY? / What is “Indie”?

(fig. 1 Nirvana takes on a reptilian form) What is Indie rock? What is DIY? Once upon a time that term meant something. It was the 90’s and grunge had broken into the mainstream. “Indie” meant independent, financially speaking, as … Continue reading

Single: Buena Vista [JEEN]

[Canada] ‘Buena Vista’ by JEEN A robust, clunky startup sends single ‘Buena Vista’ into a different realm than one would conjure for generic indie-pop. Being as this is a rather broad, encompassing genre, it would seem easy to fall into … Continue reading

Hot From the Dingus: Balance [Teen Commandments]

[Brooklyn, New York] ‘Balance’ by Teen Commandments Hard to believe that it’s been a full year since Teen Commandments released ‘American Special‘, reminding us that everyone is, indeed, special. Today we’re happy to premiere ‘Balance’ in preparation for their show tonight … Continue reading

That’s Deep with Josh Kelly: A Distant Fist Unclenching [Krill]

[Boston, Massachusetts] A Distant Fist Unclenching by Krill (Exploding in Sound Records) A Distant Fist Unclenching by Krill “Who are you to judge the suffering of a puny little bug?” The question is asked, then immediately crashes into the buzzing, death … Continue reading

Hot From the Dingus: Light Places [Passenger Peru]

[Austin, Texas] Light Places by Passenger Peru (Fleeting Youth Records) Tomorrow, the new Passenger Peru record will be here via Fleeting Youth Records. Right now you can stream ‘The Best Way to Drown’ and ‘Break My Neck’ on the Bandcamp … Continue reading

Cascadian Death Cult

We have a dentist in Olympia that rents 13 black houses and drives a hearse. There’s a certain stink of death out here that crawls up like a strangling vine through the moldy walls in your basement and empty fields of screaming … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Eleanor

Eleanor is special. They really don’t sound like anyone else – maybe a little like Husker Du covering Buddy Holly. Eleanor is two really tall guys from Queens who have been friends since boyhood, making strange, haunting rock n’ roll. … Continue reading

Interview: May Waver, Reclaiming Softness

The first time I come across the work of May Waver I was looking at her Etsy store where she sells personal items like towels she’s used to dry off with, pajamas she’s worn to bed, and sheets she’s slept in. … Continue reading

Single: Running In Slow Motion [Baifan]

[Brooklyn, New York] ‘Running In Slow Motion’ by Baifan 10 February 2015; it was cold out, and the sidewalks were icy, but not as frozen as they were on Friday night when I had gone to Palisades to catch Paper Streets opening for … Continue reading

Ghost Overseas: Reykjavik

If one reads Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World they might be familiar with the passage in which Bernard is sentenced to go to Iceland as a form of punishment. He grovels at the knees of the Controller pleading for an … Continue reading

Lorimer Remington, Victorian Time Travelling Indie Music Critic

Headline: Ernest Hemingway Reviews Steps of Doe Greetings! I’m Lorimer Remington, Victorian Time Travelling Indie Music Critic. Charmed. As a true music connoisseur, I prefer the freshest of sounds, the newest of notes. I heard the first symphony Mozart made … Continue reading

Interview: Sandy Davis [Pecas]

Pecas is the stage name of up-and-coming folk-tinged dreampop songwriter Sandy Davis. She independently released her debut album, Dwelling, with a cover featuring her characteristically flaming red hair, to a packed crowd at Market Market, Rosendale last November. Upon my arrival, … Continue reading

UPGRAYEDD: The Fire [Patrick Pizzorni feat. Kat Dahlia]

[Miami, Florida] ‘The Fire feat. Kat Dahlia’ by Patrick Pizzorni Every once in a while, I’m tryna blow this blog up with a banger. Typically we’re serving you profound electronic music, or profound rock music, or profound experimental music. Don’t … Continue reading

This Must Be The Place: What DIY Musicians Can Learn From the Rise (and Fall) of CBGB

Like how most midwestern kids idolize New York City, I grew up imagining CBGB as a kind of musical wonderland. It’s where Television and the Ramones played every night and where you could stand next to Patti Smith and Debbie … Continue reading

Single: Captain [Nation of Language]

[New Jersey] ‘Captain’ by Nation of Language For just about 24 hours, something new has come into this wonderful public existence we refer to as “the internet.” And it is a new track from Ian Richard Devaney. Captain by Nation of Language Back … Continue reading