Best New Single: Underground [Treehaus]

[New York, New York] ‘Underground’ by Treehaus (Moving Castle) We missed the boat on the premiere of the latest Treehaus track via the at large Moving Castle SoundCloud page. But every time we have the privilege of covering one of Josh Jacobson’s … Continue reading

Album: Self-Titled [Slow Down]

[London, England] Slows Down by Slows Down Slows Down, the musical brainchild of London’s Alexander Hawthorne, exhibits a downright cinematic depth and breadth of sound on its four-song EP. Plaintive synthesizer cries and sparse vocals set against an unyielding wall of fantastically grim … Continue reading

Video: Weird [Experimental Tropic Blues Band]

Hailing from Liége, Belgium, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band boasts a roaring, thumping, heavily distorted sound that evokes both the cacophony of ’60s garage rock and the demonic wail of early Led Zeppelin. This sound finds ideal visual expression in the … Continue reading

Single: Advanced Placement [M.E]

‘Advanced Placement’ by M.E It’s always strange when your 17 year old brother introduces you to his friend that has a similar name to one of your favorite musicians (ie. Elliot Smith) and he sits next to you in a car … Continue reading

Hot From the Dingus: Seeing Anything [GRRL PAL]

[Perth, Australia] ‘Seeing Anything’ by GRRL PAL Every other GRRL PAL track on SoundCloud carries the pop hashtag. But ‘Seeing Anything’ is a reprieve from the structured aesthetic of electronic pop music in the same way that ‘One Against a … Continue reading

Album: EP1 [Dead Sea]

[Paris, France] EP1 by Dead Sea Dead Sea is an electronic quartet based in Paris and they just released their first EP. EP1 would be more than adequate as an instrumental, but the icing on the cake is  lovely, imminently hummable vocal melodies. The dreamy expansiveness of … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Zenizen

[Brooklyn, New York] Zenizen Smell is supposed to be the most evocative of the senses, but after listening to Zenizen‘s three tracks on bandcamp, I would argue that hearing can conjure memories and sensations as vividly as scent can. The basis of … Continue reading

All Hail Crom: Squirrel Records/Girl One And The Grease Guns

Life-long purveyors of the true independent DIY culture, Squirrel Records stand as a defiant standard bearer for making music on their own terms.  Already familiar with a number of prior releases from this Leeds, UK based label, the arrival of … Continue reading

Single: Fissure [Partisan]

[Manchester, England] ‘Fissure’ by Partisan Wait for it, I swear you’ll get it. What a horrible way to introduce a new song that you really like to someone else. Maybe we’re unsure of said person’s musical taste or their appreciation for “weird” music that isn’t … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Las Rosas

A couple of weeks ago I had a song stuck in my head. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the name, artist, or anything that might help me identify the song. I thought I might have an idea which … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Golden Brahms/Dusty Owl

[Rennes, France] Karma by Golden Brahms Golden Brahms is one identity of producer Pierre Lemarchand from Rennes, France, who creates incredible and ambitious electronic music. In ‘Karma’, Brahms creates a simultaneously organic and digitally perfect groove, combining pitched drums and tight snare samples. Over this, … Continue reading

Album: Home [Phantom Posse]

[New York, New York] Home by Phantom Posse Home, the 2015 album release by Eric Littmann’s Phantom Posse, opens with ‘Separate Ways’, a piece that seamlessly blends washes of synthetic sound with the beautifully plunger-muted trombone of Cale Israel. Home is a subtle but … Continue reading

Album: You’re Better Than This [Pile]

[Boston, Massachusetts] You’re Better Than This by Pile on Exploding In Sound Records Pile’s newest full-length album You’re Better Than This doesn’t hesitate to get started out the gate. By 0:01 in the first song the listener is thrown under the bus by Kris Kuss’ … Continue reading


[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] NOBODY CARES WHAT HAPPENS, NO ONE’S INTERESTED by NAH on RANCH RECORDS Shoulda heard that cascade up as an alarm and said “o alright, I see you, lemme sit down,” but my guys on raid before I could take a step. This monster reverbs a cut … Continue reading

Ragers & Rock Shows: I am Sensation Interview

I am Sensation is a brand new punk band super group comprised of members from Rubblebucket, Delicate Steve, Perfect Pussy, Saint Rich & Bear In Heaven. I was lucky enough to help book their first show at the amazing new DIY show … Continue reading

Dissenting Opinion: Goon [Tobias Jesso Jr.]

Tobias Jesso Jr.’s Goon is due out on March 17. The record’s songwriting is beautiful and intuitive, the production skillful. J.R. White, most famous for producing Girls’ classic debut album in San Francisco’s bathrooms and closets, leaves his mark on tracks like … Continue reading