Album Review: Premonitions [Sabals]

[De Land, Florida] Premonitions by Sabals Premonitions, the debut release from folk-pop outfit Sabals, starts off like a deep-cut from a long-lost Cranberries album, except if the Cranberries weren’t abysmally, devastatingly terrible – and I mean that in the best way possible. Singer … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Acid Dad

For someone who prefers not to acknowledge genres when describing music, I find it irresponsible to describe Acid Dad’s music without weighing heavily on a select two. Tracks ‘Brain Body’ and ‘Graveyard Kid’ by Acid Dad are dubbed both “#psych-punk” (psych-dash-punk) … Continue reading

Album: Diamonds & Junkfood [The Meaning Of Life]

[New York, New York] Diamonds & Junkfood by The Meaning Of Life When I think of bands playing music today on the Lower East Side, I tend to think of under-rehearsed groups playing in over-sized rooms with mediocre PA systems. … Continue reading

DANGERZONE: Heeney – I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave

Heeney is breaking up. If you know who they are, you probably know that by now. This past weekend they played a three show tour with Swimmers (previously Emily’s Army) spanning from Baltimore to Cambridge and in-between was what was meant … Continue reading

Single: We Scare Each Other [Har-di-Har]

[Saint Paul, Minnesota] ‘we scare each other’ by Har-di-Har Har-di-Har’s latest single, ‘we scare each other’, is a blatant laugh at your attempt to live in a world of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus song structures. The song starts artfully with a ghostly synth, a syncopated beat, … Continue reading

Album: Self-Titled [Fat Heaven]

[New York, New York] Fat Heaven by Fat Heaven on Chisel Records Everyone’s been talking about it…. All your friends are doing it…. Your mom told you to be safe about it…. Yup. That’s right. I’m talking about Punk. On February 24, 2015 a fierce, … Continue reading

Album: Couch Surfing [Underwater Bear Ballet]

[Boston, Massachusetts] Coach Surfing by Underwater Bear Ballet Last month’s Couch Surfing by Boston band Underwater Bear Ballet sounds like it was recorded in a basement on a lot of drugs. It’s got a dank, heavy production and the sound moves through manic ADHD crunch and swirly prog. … Continue reading

Video: Bagboy Cowboy [Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin]

What a force. What a spectacle. What a statement! Lets break this down for a second – because if you’re anything like me, then your brain is probably growling as it tries desperately to digest the contents of such an … Continue reading

Single: Shivers [Eulogy Club]

[New York, New York] ‘Shivers’ by Eulogy Club Colin Fitzgerald and I met outside of King’s County Saloon gig, which was the first time I saw Ludlow Ejacula as well as The Meaning of Life. He gave me a card … Continue reading

DANGERZONE: Slonk Donkerson opens for Diarrhea Planet at Bowery Ballroom

The two artists I had the most fun shooting at Bowery Ballroom have always been The Kooks and Flying Lotus. Needless to say that changed this past Saturday when Diarrhea Planet played a sold out room and had Slonk Donkerson … Continue reading

Best New Single: Underground [Treehaus]

[New York, New York] ‘Underground’ by Treehaus (Moving Castle) We missed the boat on the premiere of the latest Treehaus track via the at large Moving Castle SoundCloud page. But every time we have the privilege of covering one of Josh Jacobson’s … Continue reading

Album: Self-Titled [Slow Down]

[London, England] Slows Down by Slows Down Slows Down, the musical brainchild of London’s Alexander Hawthorne, exhibits a downright cinematic depth and breadth of sound on its four-song EP. Plaintive synthesizer cries and sparse vocals set against an unyielding wall of fantastically grim … Continue reading

Video: Weird [Experimental Tropic Blues Band]

Hailing from Liége, Belgium, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band boasts a roaring, thumping, heavily distorted sound that evokes both the cacophony of ’60s garage rock and the demonic wail of early Led Zeppelin. This sound finds ideal visual expression in the … Continue reading

Single: Advanced Placement [M.E]

‘Advanced Placement’ by M.E It’s always strange when your 17 year old brother introduces you to his friend that has a similar name to one of your favorite musicians (ie. Elliot Smith) and he sits next to you in a car … Continue reading

Hot From the Dingus: Seeing Anything [GRRL PAL]

[Perth, Australia] ‘Seeing Anything’ by GRRL PAL Every other GRRL PAL track on SoundCloud carries the pop hashtag. But ‘Seeing Anything’ is a reprieve from the structured aesthetic of electronic pop music in the same way that ‘One Against a … Continue reading

Album: EP1 [Dead Sea]

[Paris, France] EP1 by Dead Sea Dead Sea is an electronic quartet based in Paris and they just released their first EP. EP1 would be more than adequate as an instrumental, but the icing on the cake is  lovely, imminently hummable vocal melodies. The dreamy expansiveness of … Continue reading