The Art of Dissent: Artists weigh in on their favorite protest songs

It’s the 4th of July, a day to celebrate our independence from the UK, powdered wigs, beer, slave owning rapists the founding fathers, and colorful sky explosions! I think one of the most important things in the world is to call out … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: [PAWNS]

My first Pawnsian incarnation took place in the fog of the glowing, sea-monster green cave that is the venue Palisades (Brooklyn, NY). As I slid into the back of the venue, I recognized two familiar faces; Richard Gage Allison gripping … Continue reading

Single Premiere: Shooting [The Yin Yangs]

I don’t exactly remember my first experience with the Yin Yangs, New York’s favorite sonic antagonists. It may have been when I was playing with Ludlow Ejacula, we probably played a show with them. In fact, now that I reminisce, … Continue reading


Dingus booked a couple Northside showcases this year. How were they? Like this: Sugarmama BK / Dingus @ The Gutter (6/11/15) Sugarmama BK / Dingus @ Bar Matchless (6/14/15) PUSH THE MOVEMENT FORWARD:Tweet

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VIDEO: A Simple Way [Tio]

TIO’s song “A Simple Way” mystifies through a slow groove and foggy atmosphere. Accompanied by a music video directed by Josh Reichmann (who also directed Cold Specks’ Bodies at Bay), it raises many questions and offers answers only in the … Continue reading


SINGLE: Comfort Girl [Seagoat]

 All manner of sounds bubbling forth and returning back again. As you blink the images before you change, dancing behind your eyes. Your place, your state of being, present and yet absent all together. An embrace of a digital swell. … Continue reading


SINGLE: Get To You [Panther Ray]

This was intended to be posted months ago, but unfortunately we hit a bit of a hiatus due to technical issues for a while. If any of this post sounds a bit ‘late’, that’s because it has been sitting in … Continue reading

ALBUM: Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now [Take One Car]

This was intended to be posted months ago, but unfortunately we hit a bit of a hiatus due to technical issues for a while. If any of this post sounds a bit ‘late’, that’s because it has been sitting in … Continue reading

Singles: Jane Eyre & Occam’s Razor [Sur Back]

Sur Back, of Jupiter, Fl (a real place), lays claim to ‘breakbeat baroque-pop meets New Wave chanson + converses in fuzz guitar.’ While this quirky elevator pitch impresses, Sur Back’s incredible expressiveness and sense of dynamics, used to mix fractured … Continue reading

Single: S’natra – “Know This World” (Prod. by Ivan Jackson)

Randy Leonard. Ivan Jackson. A new track released yesterday in celebration of Randy/ S’natras bday. S’natra opens the track explaining he “knows this world” too well and therefore “gave up on wishes” and feels like our “souls walking on hell.” … Continue reading

[LIVE] On Tour With: THE GRADIENTS – Pt. 2

      on behalf of my Dingus and yours, Maverick:   @mavyentco PUSH THE MOVEMENT FORWARD:Tweet

[LIVE] On Tour With: THE GRADIENTS – Pt. I

On behalf of our boy Maverick: no frills. just pics. (he’s on tour….) @mavyentco PUSH THE MOVEMENT FORWARD:Tweet


EP: Kind Spirit [Soul Low]

Soul Low, up-and-coming indie group from Milwaukee, WI, enjoy straddling the line between funky grooves, indie rock, pop production, and even rap in their “Kind Spirit” EP. Though they’ve created a strange melting pot, it keeps you uncertain and on … Continue reading


Fictiontrack: Vincent Van Gogh Reviews Slonk Donkerson

I headed to Auvers-sur-Oise, in the Parisian suburbs. I had a contemporary friend there–Mr. Vincent Van Gogh. He was a struggling artist, who I graciously supported by purchasing his paintings and then, after a short hustle ahead a hundred years, … Continue reading


Video: When We Levitate [Chimpshed A.D]

“When We Levitate,” by Chimpshed A.D, (a self described “electrosyntheticanaloguerockduo” from Wimborne Minster) starts off with the harmonic cries of what sounds like the creaking meow of a constipated cat, and images of a cat-human dancing inside a Warholian split-screen. The … Continue reading

ALBUM: Tales of Misery and Procrastination [Misery Date]

Man, oh, man! I am glad to be writing this right now. Why? I’m glad you asked, reader! Oh, you didn’t? Sorry. I’ll leave. Just kidding! I’m going to subject you to my review of this album! Let’s begin with the … Continue reading