Hot From the Dingus: Life Is Easy [BIG MUFF RADIO/GIGAWATTS RECORDS]

[New York, New York] COPPP’D N’ SKEWWW’D (off Life Is Easy) by BIG MUFF RADIO (Gigawatts Records) This morning, as with all mornings, I have a 16 minute and 18 second drive to work- exactly. Why is this important? Because it just … Continue reading

Scuzzy and Sincere: Imperfection in the Digital Age

written by Graham Johnson image by Hollis Brown Thornton The past year has seen an abundance of VHS quality music videos, perhaps the most prominent example being Mac DeMarco’s “Passing Out The Pieces.” DeMarco’s always had a thing for the scuzzy, well-worn … Continue reading

Album: The Other [Black Atlas]

[Brooklyn, New York] The Other by Black Atlas    Black Atlas (BlkAtlas) takes a specific guitar distortion and makes it completely appropriate for 2015 without having to be anything along the lines of ironic. ‘The Other’ is a three track EP that manages to … Continue reading

Fictiontrack: Ambassador of the Milky Way Part 1 [Gabe Wax]

If you ask Wikipedia what saliva is, it will tell you that it’s a grunge-nu band from Memphis Tennessee. If you ask a newborn what saliva is you’re an idiot because everybody knows that a newborn has yet to exercise … Continue reading

Album: Girls From Mars [Kacie Marie]

[New York, New York] Girls From Mars by Kacie Marie Girl singer-songwriters have it rough. Especially the pretty ones. The first sexist assumption that I have to purge from my subconscious is the idea that you’re only showing off how pretty you are … Continue reading

We’re Not Called Music Journalists for a Reason

I’ve come to realize that real words are dead. At 25 years old I’m already just an old bitch who can barely understand Pewdiepie. Even blogs like Pitchfork are trying desperately to hold onto some form of the traditional music … Continue reading

[ALL HAIL CROM] Gasparilla 2015 Music Festival

It’s always great to see true indie acts getting a shot at performing on a bigger stage from time to time.  More than a few will get that opportunity at the Gasparilla Music Fest, which takes place March 7-8 in … Continue reading

Album: Going van Gogh [Terrible]

[Cambridge, Massachusetts] Going van Gogh by Terrible Listen to the introduction and you might pick up on the fact that Terrible is a public urinator. That’s my absolute favorite kind of person. Pee on whatever you want man, pee on that cop car, … Continue reading

Album: The Cutoff [Fatt Kidd]

[Atlanta, Georgia] The Cutoff by Fatt Kidd Hip-hop is in a deconstructive process at the moment. There’s always that guy who wants to argue with me about why early 90’s hip-hop is the end all and be all of hip-hop, go fuck yourself … Continue reading

DANGERZONE: Eggnog Does Not Go Well With Strippers

“That’s just something I learned last night/ this morning and it’s more important than anything else in the world right now that I share my recently acquired knowledge with the masses in hopes of saving some of you from the … Continue reading

Best New Video: Sleep Deprived [Robot Death Kites]

In the official video for the track ‘Sleep Deprived,’ Robot Death Kites frontman comes undone. Writhing around in an absolute shithole of an apartment, stained mattress on the ground and bugs on the walls, it’s a manic hallucination a la Martin Sheen’s … Continue reading

Flee to Detroit Maybe

by Ethan Donway I am a fairly intelligent, creative, articulate, hardworking young man brought up well by caring and supportive parents. I am destitute, penniless, in a state of near constant panic, bitter and hopeless at my situation which I seem … Continue reading

Artist to Watch: You’re Better Than This [Pile]

[Boston, Massachusetts] You’re Better Than This by Pile Sometimes I love the comments left by fans on a Bandcamp page. This one in particular struck me as awesome: “Been a big fan of Pile since I first heard them when I was … Continue reading

Single: Mega-Bed/Lawn of Yawns [Drone Ranger]

[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] ‘Mega-Bed/Lawn of Yawns’ by Drone Ranger There’s new Drone Ranger on the way, and that in itself is a pretty great reason to love 2015. Dingus has been trying to pimp the ranger to you for some time now, always giving a … Continue reading

4 Tracks: For Post-New Year Delirium

In the final hours of ‘14 you were probably ecstatic, intoxicated by the flow of liquor and time. Those last ten seconds still feel like a rush to something new, even though this atmosphere is annual, anticipated, and always comes at midnight. … Continue reading